Happy report!Eat three meals and snacks on time, the risk of premature birth for pregnant women is lower

After pregnancy, do you have a strange change in your diet?

@Miss Xiaoxiao: I always want to eat mint sugar after pregnancy. Every time I brush my teeth, I almost want to swallow it down. I am afraid that I eat too much sugar. Finally, my husband made pot mint and gave me every day.

@: From the non -spicy and unhappy to the dripping, it turned out to be only a distance of pregnancy. After conceived the Erbao, it became a "fake Sichuan".

@Look at the weight, do you still want to eat, who knows that you ca n’t help crying when you ca n’t eat fruit three meals a day. You can only buy a small refrigerator for me.

I believe that many pregnant mothers have experienced this experience: compared with before pregnancy, the frequency of eating will increase significantly.Three meals are full, and the other stomach has to have some snacks, not very hungry, just feel like my mouth is a bit nobble …

So congratulations: Your premature birth risk is lower and your baby is healthy.

Many expectant mothers are distressed by eating too much, but as long as they are controlled within a healthy weight, it is good to eat some snacks.

It’s not your fault, but the body is "shouting."

Studies have found that if pregnant women do not eat something for a long time, they may cause physiological pressure.

In animal tests, as long as you don’t eat 24 hours, you may shorten your pregnancy (may lead to premature birth);

In the human environment, the probability of natural delivery will be greatly improved due to fasting for 24 hours of fasting on the sin date.[1]

In order to further determine the relationship between different diet models of pregnant women and premature birth, researchers at the Nutrition Department of the University of North Carolina conducted an analysis and study.

From August 1995 to December 1998, the research team recruited a total of 265 women to participate in the questionnaire survey. According to the number of three meals and snacks they reported in the middle of pregnancy, it was divided into different diet models.

Diet mode information survey form

The National Medical College (IOM) suggested that the best diet model of a pregnant woman is to maintain three meals a day, and then with two or more snacks.

According to the best diet model, the team divided the collected data to meet, close to the IOM proposal group and other groups, of which 72%of women met the standard and 235 were premature.

Compared with pregnant women who are in line with diet, pregnant women who have a small number of meals have the characteristics of pre -pregnancy weight, poor age, poor compliance with prenatal supplements, and low total intake energy.

For this type of pregnant women, three meals and snacks have been eaten less, and the relative risk of premature birth has increased by 1.27 times.

When you are idle, come to a little snacks, your baby is good, and your mother is good.

Coincidentally, Polish researchers are also interested in the dietary habits of pregnant women.

Researchers from Poliz South Medical University analyzed the dietary habits of 250 pregnant women, and investigated the consumption of diet, the number of meals, snacks, meat, fish, dairy products, bread, fruits and vegetables.content.

▪ Only 26%of them follow the suggestions of the National Medical College of Medicine and keep three meals a normal food every day.

On this basis, many people eat more and eat more: a large part of the respondents said that eating four meals (36%) or five meals (28%) a day, and only 4.4%of people eat less than 3 times a day;

• Nearly half of people will bring a few sips of sweets while eating;

• In terms of fruits and vegetables, the most commonly selected is apples, bananas, and oranges, and vegetables are tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes.[2]

It can be seen that compared with pre -pregnancy, most pregnant women’s eating frequency will increase.

But what needs to be vigilant is that although the frequency of meals is sufficient, nutritional problems still exist, such as insufficient intake of fish and dairy products, and too high wheat bread and sweets.

A healthy lifestyle can effectively reduce the risk of fetal defects and chronic diseases in maternal and infants.

So dear expectant mothers, for the sake of their baby and their own health, eating small snacks while eating on time is not bad.Keep happily with your baby and enjoy this interesting and delicious pregnancy journey.

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