Have CT before pregnancy and have a cold medicine? Does it affect the fetus?

Many women have carefully conditioned their bodies before preparing for pregnancy and planned to have eugenics and eugenics. However, many women have accidentally conceived.The situation of accidents during accidents is diverse. Some women may not have a big body, but some women have just taken cold medicines or do nuclear magnetic resonance examinations. Will these affect the development of the fetus?

First of all, X -ray, CT, and nuclear magnetic resonance are ionizing radiation. The damage to the human body is objective. To be precise, if these radiation reaches a certain amount, it can affect the fetus DNA.If the pregnant mother does not know that before conception, she just exposed to ionizing radiation once or twice, and has no harm to the fetus.However, if a woman is pregnant in an environment of contacting electricity for a long time, it will be very harmful to the fetus.If you belong to the latter, you need to consult a doctor and listen to the doctor’s advice.

When it comes to ionizing radiation, many elderly people always advise pregnant women not to do too much B -ultrasound, but in fact, B -ultrasound has no radiation and has no impact on the fetus.TV, computers and mobile phones in life are non -ionized radiation, and they do not hurt the fetus and pregnant mothers. Therefore, pregnant mothers do not need to spend heavy money to buy radiation protection uniforms.

Whether it is ionizing radiation or sickness, you must try to take an emergency in the early stages of pregnancy.Early pregnancy is a critical period for fetal nerve development. If the virus is infected in the early stages of pregnancy or received too much ionizing radiation, fetal malformation may be caused.

@: I did n’t know when I was pregnant with Erbao. I accompanied my daughter to make a nuclear magnetic resonance and asked countless doctors to say that it was different. Although some doctors said it was okay, all kinds of inspections were done as required, but I still do it.I have been worried that my son is born, and now the child is very healthy.

@星: I made a CT last year, and I took a week of cold medicine for a week because I had a cold. I didn’t find my pregnancy for a long time. I started to worry about the baby who had a problem. I saw a lot of doctors.It did not affect, but I couldn’t tell me if I left it or not. Later, my husband wanted to stay.Now the baby is one year old, healthy and lively.

@: I found that I was pregnant the next day after I made a chest tablet. Now my big baby is three years old, smart, lively and cute.

After looking at the experience of the above mothers, we can find that although there are many harms in life, the fetus is not as fragile as we think.Therefore, please keep your mothers in a happy mood and don’t worry too much!

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