Have stretch marks began to grow during pregnancy?Do these 4 points, stay away from stretch marks trouble

Ms. Wang has been pregnant for seven months, and there is no stretch marks for 7 months. Miss Wang began to relax and think that she is a category that does not grow stretch marks, so she began to reduce the number of abdominal care.Care for the abdomen, but recently Miss Wang began to distress because of the sudden quietness of the stretch marks, and the longer and more trends, what causes Miss Wang to grow so many stretch marks?Is it too late to do abdominal care at this time?How to solve the status of stretch marks in the abdomen after delivery?Can stretch marks be eliminated?

When pregnant women want to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy, we need to do the first point to control their weight and be in a stable rise, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, the uterus will quickly increase the skin to the skin.If the weight is too fast at this time, the skin of the pregnant woman will bear the situation of stretch marks.Therefore, it has been maintaining a balanced weight during pregnancy. Appropriate exercise, a balanced diet is one of the focus of preventing stretch marks.

Maintaining skin elasticity during pregnancy is also a very important step, so the earlier the pregnant woman uses a massage cream or some oils that nourishes the abdomen for massage during pregnancy, promote the blood circulation of the abdomen and increase the elasticity of the abdominal skin. It can effectively prevent pregnancy from pregnancy.When the lines occur, stretch marks usually grow places where the root of the belly thighs or on the back is where the stretch marks are easy to grow, so pregnant women can focus on these parts.Discontinued.

During pregnancy, there will be symptoms of frequent urination. Pregnant women may have the phenomenon that do not like to drink water. In fact, drinking plenty of water can also ensure the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. In this wayPressure and do not grow stretch marks.Therefore, pregnant mothers drink at least 10-12 cups of boiled water every day to avoid drinking carbonated drinks, coffee, strong tea, etc.

Pregnant women are also very important to maintain nutritional equilibrium during pregnancy. For example, in moderation, they can intake vitamin C and appropriate vitamin E, protein, zinc, and appropriate iron.These foods can effectively improve the elasticity of the skin and prevent the skin from stretch marks.

If the pregnant mother is in pregnancy, and the stretch marks of skin care during pregnancy is still looking for, then you should continue to do abdominal care or drink plenty of water to maintain nutritional balance, appropriately increase vitamin E, vitamin C, and zinc ferride protein.The ingestion of the skin keeps the elasticity and softness of the skin, and the longer the stretch marks are much longer.In addition, you must always observe your weight. You do n’t have to deliberately eat nutritional balance, but you do n’t have to overeating. This will cause weight to grow too fast, resulting in more stretch marks.

There are no products on the market of stretch marks that can be completely repaired, but it can be repaired through some natural foods. For example, aloe butter lemon, coconut oil almonds are not used for food, it is used for abdominal massage to improve the skin to improve the skinThe elastic recovery of the vitality of the cells is to prevent the skin from drying stretch marks. These usages can alleviate stretch marks and smoothing stretch marks through external methods and these foods themselves. We must persist to avoid no effect.

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