Have you ever made these dreams during pregnancy?That’s your baby, come to you to play

Have you ever made these dreams during pregnancy? Don’t take it seriously. It is your baby to repay you. See what you have done?

@: When I was pregnant with my son, I dreamed of going fishing and fishing a red fish. Later, this fish became a dragon. After doing this, I knew that I was pregnant with a male baby.It ’s the baby who came to report grace. Now the baby is very obedient. If you have any delicious one, you will think about me first. I also say that I need to know how to respect the elderly and love the young. I think I am more pleased. I just hope that the baby is healthy and safe.All healthy.

@: When I was pregnant with my son, I did n’t know if it was a man or a woman. One night when I dreamed of a child, I laughed and smiled at me. I could n’t see my face.At that time, I felt like a son, and later I was a son.

@Nuan Nuan: A few days ago when I gave birth to my son, I dreamed that there was a dragon in the house hovering in the house. I think it wants to go out of the house. I opened the door. As a result, it really flew out of the house.God I gave birth to a boy.Now I am almost nine years old and stick to me very much.

@见: Dreaming of a snake is a good pregnancy, I am pregnant with my youngest son. The snake always called my mother and mother. I said that I was not your mother and I ran. Where did I run? Later, I surrendered.I said that I was your mother, and I was pregnant a few days later.

@小: One night when I dreamed that there was a particularly fat and strong baby who was very fat and very strong, I always drew my mother and called my mother. I knew it was a boy before. After waking up, I told my family.The old man outside heard that his son was reported to be safe, so I don’t think about it.Now that the baby is 13 months old, it really is fat and strong.(I am not fat with my husband) and I have dreamed of the fire cow, big whale, snake, wolf, watermelon, scissors, lake … and so on.At that time, Zhou Gong interpreted his dreams and said that he was a son or a filial son, so I look forward to it!My brother and sister were pregnant at the same time as me. She said that she always dreamed of flowers during pregnancy. At that time, I said that she might be a daughter.Later, it was really a girl.

@小: When I was pregnant, I dream of going to the temple to burn incense, see the Guanyin Bodhisattva, who wants to want a baby, Guanyin Bodhisattva suddenly speaks that I give you a jade bracelet, bracelets on my arm, (originally wearing bracelets on the arm)After giving birth to a beautiful daughter, (named Yuer), I will go to Xiangxiang every year from pregnancy to now thanks to Guanyin Bodhisattva to give me my daughter!

Predicate to have a boy’s baby dream

Dreaming of meteors implies that there will be a son with artistic talents.

Dreaming of the snowy scene is the sign of the strong and healthy son.

Making a beautiful cobblestone is a good dream of the son in the future.

Being a dream of hugging and going up the mountain, it means that he will have a noble son who becomes a scholar or politician.

In a dream, if you see the majestic peaks and the cliffs around you, you will get the expensive son who will become an outstanding figure in the future.

Dreaming of looking in the mirror means that you will be a noble son who will become the pillar of the country.

Dreaming of eating cucumber or getting cucumbers means that he will have a son.Dreaming of eating eggplant or getting eggplant means that he will have a son.

Dreaming of dragons indicates that the future -born son can become a big man.

Dreaming of pythons or snakes is a sign of a son.

Dreaming of cows means that you will have a particularly filial son in the future.

Dreaming of pigs, implied wealth and blessings, and also hinted that children born in the future are more wealthy.Black pig hints to have a son.

Dreaming of a tiger is a sign of the positive and brave son in the future.

Dreaming of the signs of having a son.

Dreaming of being driven by a wild boar drive, heralding the sons who were born in the future will be noisy.

The dream of rushing horses hints that the sons who have given birth in the future will have a stir -up, and will be well -known at home and abroad.

Impressing the birth dream of having a daughter

Get gold jewelry in the dream, indicating a beautiful daughter.

Dreaming of getting cosmetics, heralding a daughter with a good appearance.

Dreaming of gems or holding a double gemstone in his hand, implying his daughter.

Dreaming of cabbage, implying to have a daughter.

Dreaming of a small and long -sized cucumber, the chance of having a daughter is very high.

When I dreamed that I entered the old age, she hinted that she was filial piety to daughter.

Dreaming of her mother is young, suggesting that she will have a beautiful daughter.

Dreaming of watermelon indicates that she will have a daughter and is very talented.

Dreaming of winter melon hints to have a daughter.

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