HCG soaring reminded pregnancy, a few days later, the result was misdiagnosis!Two tricks are more insurance

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I saw such a news today: Because a woman delayed menstruation and suspected that she might be pregnant, I went to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital for a check.It is 4-7 weeks of pregnancy.

Because she had experienced miscarriage before, she was particularly cautious about this pregnancy and resigned to raise her fetal at home with peace of mind, but after a few days, she felt wrong and went to other hospitals for examination. As a result, the hospital said that she did not say no.When she was pregnant, she also came to menstruation at this time. As a result, she and her family were very lost, so she went to the hospital.

The courtyard said that because the little nurse took the blood, the result was wrong, and the hospital also made a decision to deal with the "dismissal nurse".

In fact, after pregnancy, usually women will feel first. For example, menstruation fails to come as scheduled, they will feel a little "uncomfortable", they will suspect that "may be pregnant", and then use early pregnancy test strips to test, orGo directly to the hospital for a diagnosis.

After pregnancy, the formation of fertilized eggs will start to bed, differentiate, and develop, so female estrogen and progesterone in women’s body will rise rapidly. As the corresponding changes are changed, the women themselves have some "physical changes".

1. Similar to "feeling of menstruation": painful abdominal pain, breast pain, back pain

At the stage of pregnancy, women will have a feeling of menstruation, such as painful abdominal pain, breast pain, back pain, and sometimes pain in the lower abdomen.Normal performance at the stage, don’t worry too much, but when this feeling appears, doubt it: if you are pregnant, you can test it yourself.

2. Similar to "the expression of a cold": afraid of cold, fatigue, sleepy, drowsiness

At the stage of pregnancy, there may also be a feeling like a cold, such as fear of cold, fatigue, sleepy, drowsiness, etc.; Many women will mistakenly take "pregnancy" to take cold medicine for "cold".Worried about cold medicine on the baby.

This is not a cold, or a normal early pregnancy manifestation, so remind women during pregnancy, if you feel like this when the next menstruation comes, you may use test strips to test, which is likely to be pregnant.

3. Frequent urination, constipation, and increased secretions

Because after pregnancy, the uterus will begin to increase, so it will be oppressed on the surrounding organs, and squeezing to the bladder will make the pregnant mother feel that they will urinate, but it will only be a little bit.Essence

The increase in secretions is mainly caused by hormone changes. In this case, pregnant mothers should pay attention to changing underwear and hygiene. If necessary, you can use sanitary pads.

4. Similar gastrointestinal manifestations of "stomach disease": sensitive smell, changes in taste, nausea nausea, vomiting

After pregnancy, women will become more sensitive, especially the smell and taste are very sensitive. The smell that others do not smell, the pregnant mother will smell first, and it is easy to be stimulated by these odors and taste, nausea, nausea, and even vomiting.

The taste will also change. For example, some foods I like to eat before suddenly do not like to eat.I love to eat meat.

There is also a bad appetite. I do n’t want to eat anything, I ca n’t think of food, but it is particularly easy to be hungry, and every time I feel hungry, the nausea of nausea will be more serious.

When the woman feels the feeling in front of it, and suspects that it is pregnancy, they can also use the early pregnancy test strip to test first. The results are obvious and the accuracy rate is relatively high. If the test strip shows pregnancy, you can also go to the hospital for examination to confirm the diagnosis.

1. Blood testing

Generally, when you go to the hospital for examination, the doctor will arrange a blood -drawing examination. The main check of progesterone and HCG will be checked. If the results show that the progesterone and HCG are higher, it means that it is pregnant.

Sometimes, although progesterone is rising, it will be low. Doctors may allow pregnant mothers to protect their fetuses. At this time, the pregnant mother should not be too nervous. Just listen to the doctor’s suggestion, but you still have to relax. Many pregnant women are in the early pregnancy.Both progesterone is low, but it cannot indicate that the fetus is not developing well.

After the inspection, the doctor may also instruct it to review it for a few days. If you want to see the double situation of HCG, you will review it in a few days. As long as HCG doubles, it will basically indicate that the fetus is developing well. The pregnant motherDon’t worry too much.

2. B -ultrasound

There are also hospitals, in addition to conducting blood tests for pregnant women, they will also do B -ultrasound. At this stage, B -ultrasound examination is mainly to eliminate outside the palace, because ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal pregnancy state.Don’t worry.

However, if you find that you are pregnant earlier and the gestational week is still relatively small, the doctor may give yin super, to see more clearly, and the pregnant mother should not be too burdened.

There are also some pregnant mothers who may go for examinations. The gestational week is relatively large, which is about 7 weeks of pregnancy. If you do the B -ultrasound, you can also see the fetal heart buds of the fetus.Essence

For women during pregnancy, in addition to doing a good job of preparing for pregnancy, it is also best to learn more about early pregnancy. For example, what may have feelings and performances after pregnancy, what inspections need to be done, the significance of specific examination results, precautions in the early pregnancy, etc.This will be more conducive to high -quality breeding.

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