He has always asked me to take contraceptives, but now I can no longer get pregnant, but he chose to leave

He and I met at my friend’s wedding. I fell in love with him at first sight. He was really handsome. From the facial features to every sweat I could see, I was right with the ideal male god in my heart.There are also a lot of, I feel that every smile of his gentleness can fly into my heart, and that day I really felt that "he would not marry" is a real extreme admiration.

I am a beauty, and I have no exaggeration to myself. After all, my 168 is height, 98 weight, well -figure, white and beautiful, so under the introduction of a friend, I do n’t determine the relationship with him for only a week.There was also a relationship.

His family was unfortunate. Since he was a child, he did not have a good impression of his family. As soon as he established a relationship, he told me sincerely that he did not want a child in the future. I only hope to spend the rest of my life with the two of me. At that time, I only had him in his eyes.I agreed without thinking that the place where we worked was far away. He resigned for me and found a new job where I was close to me. The two of us naturally lived together.Going to work, eating, having love, watching TV, sleeping, feeling the happiness of the world belongs to us.

In his sexual life, he never brought a sleeve. He said that he just wanted to be close to me and closer, so I always asked him to take contraceptives, and I was pregnant twice in the middle of the way, but they all went to the flow of people.On March 8th Women’s Day this year, the company organized a gynecological examination. The doctor said that my physical condition was difficult to get pregnant. Let me treat it in time, because I promised him to stay in the aircraft.Psychological burden, I said lightly after returning home. He did not respond too much at the time, but he had always had a mind in the past two weeks. Until last week he went on a business trip, it was expected to be two days, but from this timeThere was no news, and finally received the information of him in the morning. He said: "He was forced to continue to be with me by the pressure at home. After all, I had lost the ability to get pregnant." When I saw thisI suddenly realized that I have just been a plaything over the years.At this moment, I was injured but had no tears. I should have thought of this result. Female friends love myself so much!

The hazards of eating contraceptives

The understanding of endometriosis is that the endometrium is not in normal parts.About 30%-50%of women with endometriosis can be treated with infertility.Because oral hormone contraceptives can shrink the endometrium in the uterus.The treatment process is uncertain, it can be 3 months to one year, or longer.Under normal circumstances, ovulation can be restored after stopping taking the medicine, which increases the chance of pregnancy to a certain extent.

Using contraceptives to treat ovulation-free infertility can be taken orally 1st, with a 3-6 cycle for treatment.Because condoms contain progesterone and estrogen, these hormones can promote the appropriate rest of the ovarian and pituitary gland, so ovarian may reflect ovulation after the drug is discontinued.At the same time, you can also download the drugs such as Cromifen and other drugs to promote ovulation, so that the treatment effect is better.

Infertility caused by uterine cavity adhesion is used to treat infertility in the uterine cavity.After the uterine cavity is separated, the rotating contraceptive is placed for one and a half months to 3 months. It can be put in severe 3 months to avoid adhesion again to increase the chance of conception.

Some infertile couples belong to immune, because the man’s sperm as a antigen in the vagina of women. After the absorption of the vagina or uterine mucosa, antibodies can be produced in women’s blood. ThereforeSperm generates an immune response, reducing the vitality and even death of the sperm, leading to infertility.Regarding immune infertility, there are very few medical treatment. It is often treated with contraceptives. It can be used during sexual intercourse, and it must last for more than half a year. A condom is discontinued a few days before the woman’s ovulation, increasing the chance of conception.

Composite contraceptive tablets to treat naive uterus infertility.The naive -type uterus is mainly uterine dysplasia. It belongs to the naive uterus. The functional development is not complete and affects fertility.Treatment with composite contraceptives can promote further development of the uterus and improve the function of fertility to a certain extent.

Every family hopes that there is a baby who belongs to himself, and many families are disturbed by the troubles of infertility, and female infertility may be related to long -term taking contraceptives. Be sure to pay attention.

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