He Hongling’s retribution of "The Sea in Dreams", abortion, has become a fertility tool for the Ye family

The gentleman chooses first and then gets, the villain first passes and then chooses

Chen Hongjun was careful, framed Xiao Chunsheng’s participation in smuggling, and squeezed Xiao Chunsheng out of the anti -smuggling team. He also said that he was for him.

He Hongling had a miscarriage, and she knew she was pregnant. Not only did she not tell Ye Guohua, but she also made herself produce. Ye Guohua doubted whether she was intentional.

Ye Guohua’s mother canceled He Hongling’s position in the art troupe. She asked He Hongling to prepare for pregnancy at home. This is the marriage of He Hongling’s family.

He Hongling is also funny. No matter how he treats her, Ye Guohua is not cold or hot. If she didn’t think about it, why would she marry Ye Guohua and put on a stinky face. No one can stand it.

After the resignation of the anti -smuggling team, Xiao Chunsheng could not find the direction of his career, so he went to Yunnan to see Duan Lei. This trip to Yunnan has caused Xiao Chunsheng’s life to turn a major turning point.

Because of the smuggling, Kuroko was arrested by the police. Qi Tian was influenced by the sunspot. The small supermarket could not open. At this time, Xiao Chunsheng returned from Yunnan with business opportunities.

Xiao Chunsheng’s vendor rescued in Yunnan was now a big boss selling jade. He wanted to open the Beijing market, so he wanted to cooperate with Xiao Chunsheng.

However, this cooperation has not been successful. Xiao Chunsheng had always thought of the treatment museum, so he opened a Chinese medicine physiotherapy museum with Qi Tian and Qi Tian.

The person who contributed in the early stage was Xiao Xiaomei’s father, and Xiao Chunsheng’s old man had to say that Xiao Chunsheng was really blessed.

Xiao Chunsheng’s business gets better and better, Ye Fang also helps them. People who have the ability really suck each other. Even if they do not be a husband and wife, they can be a good partner. Unfortunately, Chen Hongjun’s pattern is too small.understand.

There are people who have a small pattern like Chen Hongjun, and Ye Guohua. After Ye Guohua’s transfer, he has been doing nothing. Now Xiao Chunsheng is so mixed again. He is jealous in his heart. He Hongling is not cold or hot to him. Ye Guohua is afraid that He Hongling regrets to marry him, soI hate Xiao Chunsheng inexplicably.

When there is no danger, the best brother is the greatest danger. Ye Guohua and Chen Hongjun made Xiao Chunsheng badly. No wonder their wives look down on them. This pattern and heart, who can look at them.

To put it bluntly, Xiao Chunsheng and Ye Guohua are not all the way from the beginning to the end. He should be with Qi Tian, Xian Xiaomei and Ye Fang.Essence

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