He said, "If you are pregnant with your child," you want to marry him?

Hello sister, I am 22 years old, my boyfriend is 11 years old. Recently, because of some problems, I am sad. For almost two years together, I have never heard him mentioning that he has brought me to see his parents to prepare for marriage. I mentioned it a few times.He promised to say yes. When it comes to buying a house, he hopes that our family will pay a little money to help him buy a house together.Is it that you want to pay for colorful money.Once I did not come to menstruation on time, he said that there is no affordable to have children now.EssenceAlthough I was not menstruation in the future, this matter was not a taste in my heart.Sister baby, I am very imitating now, I don’t know if I should continue, although I like him to marry him, but it feels like he doesn’t want to, or he doesn’t want it yet.EssenceEssenceHe is also very good to me in his feelings. In addition to giving me a feeling that he doesn’t want to get married, he hopes to get the answer from the baby sister, thank you.

WAWA’s answer

"He is also very good to me in the usual feelings. Except for me, I don’t want to get married," you feel right.

Generally speaking, a 33 -year -old boy meets a beautiful girl with a 22 -year -old and good conditions in all aspects.But for two years together, he never thought of promoting your relationship, and even when he learned that your first reaction when you were suspected of getting pregnant was "if you were pregnant," you couldn’t help but worry about you.

I suggest you think about it, is he a long choice for you, maybe he has been married?



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