Hearing the reply from the supermarket, the customer was "shocked"!Beer: Where do I come from?

Mr. Zhao reported that he bought 6 cans of beer in Yonghui Supermarket. After drinking a can before he found out that these beer had expired.

I did n’t find out the time -expired beer.

At more than 8 pm on May 15th, Mr. Zhao bought things at Hangzhou Dengyun Store, Yonghui Supermarket, and spent a total of 81 yuan and 2 cents, including 1 to 6 can beer.Mr. Zhao said that on the evening of May 29, he drank the first can and glanced at it accidentally. It was found that the 6 cans of beer were produced on May 11, 2022, with a shelf life of 365 days.

Mr. Zhao: From the day I bought it, I bought it on May 15th for four or five days.One of my most angry points is that a large enterprise like Yonghui should not make such a mistake.If I bought it in a small supermarket, I might find the boss to change it.But such a large enterprise carries customers’ trust in it.

Mr. Zhao said that it was more than 9 o’clock in the evening, but he was still angry. He found the supermarket directly and confirmed that he did buy beer through the order number.But the next negotiation made him more angry.

Mr. Zhao: I said that I had a fake person in my career, and I was even more angry. I took 6 cans of beer and fake him with his career.I really said that I was angry.I told me yesterday that I gave me two boxes of beer. This is the case, but I think this is unreasonable.

Mr. Zhao believes that food safety is not a trivial matter. It should be treated in accordance with Article 148 of the Food Safety Law. In short, it is ten times that of the compensation payable, less than one thousand.

Mr. Zhao: "Food Safety Law", in accordance with national laws, I don’t want to let it go.If you go to Yonghui to shop, you still need to see if there is a period of time. Is it still Yonghui Enterprise?If I go to the small supermarket on the street, I look at it, this is logical.

The reporter and Mr. Zhao found the service desk of Yonghui Supermarket’s Dengyun Store. The two staff members at the scene said that they had received a complaint from Mr. Zhao for the first time. Who received it the day before, it was not clear.

On -site staff: I know that food problems have special people responsible for interviews.

Reporter: What do you say today?

On -site staff: You keep the number, and he will dock you at that time.Is there this order yesterday?

Mr. Zhao: If I provide it for no reason, it is my illegal.

The staff registered the contact information of the reporter and Mr. Zhao, and said that whether these can beer sold by their stores, they need to check it.The reporter proposed to take a look at the beer shelves.

Reporter: 11 yuan 9, is this official price or discount price?

On -site staff: positive price.

Reporter: In October 2022, this is that the one -year shelf life must meet the standard. This is 2023.Did you take it here?

Mr. Zhao: Yes, confirm that it was taken from here.

The beer of this brand placed on the scene was produced in October 2022, and the rest was produced in April 2023.Article 12 of the Anti -Food Waste Law stipulates that "supermarkets, shopping malls and other food operators should strengthen daily inspections of foods they operate, and make special signs or centralized display for food classification management near the shelf life."At 4 pm that day, the reporter received a call from a manager of a Jinyun store in Yonghui Supermarket.

Yonghui Supermarket Hangzhou Dengyun Store Manager: We checked today that there are no products of this batch. All the information of several batches of goods is submitted to the market supervision office.

Reporter: So it can be said that the 5 cans of beer he provided today are not sold by our store?

Yonghui Supermarket Hangzhou Dengyun Store Manager Gold: Yes.

Manager Jin at the Dengyun Store of Yonghui Supermarket said that beer was not sold by their stores.The reporter also told Mr. Zhao.So what’s going on?The next day, the reporter asked Mr. Zhao to meet with the local market supervision office together.


Supermarket retrieve "record"

As a result, "unexpectedly"

Reporter: How do you say, after learning this news?

Mr. Zhao: I felt very shocked and could not describe my mood now.

At the Gongyuqiao Market Supervision Office, Mr. Zhao repeatedly confirmed that these cans of beer were indeed purchased from Yonghui Supermarket Dengyun Store.The reporter further verified several details.

Reporter: I don’t believe you, will I buy it before, forget it?

Mr. Zhao: I have never bought it. I bought Laoshan Beer for the first time in my life.

Reporter: I bought it on the 15th. Why did I drink it after seven or eight days?

Mr. Zhao: I put it in the refrigerator. At 8 o’clock that day, I went to the supermarket to buy daily necessities, buy plastic wrap or something, and then I suddenly saw this beer. I wanted to buy some beer.I also bought Qingdao, other brands.I drank that wine too, the one I drank before.

Reporter: The one you drink first?

Mr. Zhao: This is me …

Reporter: Did you drink it for a few days?

Mr. Zhao: Yes.

The staff of the Gongyu Bridge Market Supervision Office told reporters that the director inspected the exterior, and at this time, it happened to be investigated by Dengyun Store in Yonghui Supermarket.The reporter and Mr. Zhao rushed over.

Mr. Zhao: I really shop here. She said that I am not buying here. This has risen to different problems. I think this is also not alone as my consumer.

Reporter: Manager Jin, have you considered the alarm, if you think he is suspected of extortion.

Mr. Zhao: I think you can call the police.

Manager Jin: This has allowed market regulators to intervene, that is, let them intervene in the investigation.

Under the witness of many staff members of the market supervision office, the staff of Yonghui Supermarket retracted the "acceptance records" of the beer in the store.From May 2022 to the present, Dengyun Store only entered the warehouse and sold three batches of brand beer produced on May 22, 2022, October 17, 2022, and April 3, 2023. Among them, October 2022, 2022The two batches on the 17th and April 3, 2023 are currently being sold, that is, during the first day of interviews, the reporter saw the corresponding batch on the shelf.On -site staff said that the system was unified by Yonghui and the store could not be changed.

Reporter: I confirmed that he did spend that day, 6 cans of Laoshan Beer.

Manager Jin: Right.

Reporter: Just check the batch now?

Manager Jin: Yes, the batch is not right.

Su Xiaoping, the Gongyu Bridge Market Supervision Office of Gongshu District, Hangzhou: Through investigating the data in the background of the supermarket, the expired beer purchased by consumers has no purchase records, and the supermarket sales of expired food for the time being.This conclusion, the next consumers and supermarkets, the unpleasant shopping experience caused by consumers and supermarkets, we will conduct negotiation and mediation.

At the same time, the person in charge of the Market Supervision Office stated that it would continue to pay attention to this matter. If there is new evidence in the future, it will be tracked and investigated.

Mr. Zhao: To be honest, to be honest, in essence, this product is indeed purchased from here.

Manager Jin: His shopping experience is not very good. I apologize to him on behalf of the supermarket. This is true.

Reporter: Things are not yours, why do you apologize?

Manager Jin: Because he has a good shopping experience, it is mainly the sense of shopping experience.

In the end, the supermarket refunded the more than 80 yuan consumed by Mr. Zhao that day, and the two sides reserved their right to further prosecution.

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