High -quality follicles are necessary conditions for pregnancy. How can I raise follicles?These methods must be learned

Women who want children, the first thing to think of is to prepare for pregnancy in advance to improve the quality of their follicles.

So what is preparing for pregnancy and how to prepare for you to have a healthy baby?For ordinary people, through a healthy diet, scientific exercise, and regular schedules, it can basically make the body in a high -quality state and prepare sufficient preparation for pregnancy.

For doctors, there are more or less physical problems in clinical preparation women.So, how to choose a suitable way according to your own physical fitness, it has become the most concerned issue for the majority of pregnant women.

Follicles are circular foaming materials that exist in the ovaries as the basic functional units. As far as humans are concerned, it only exists in the women’s ovaries and has a certain reserve period.

Physically, follicles exist during the period from adolescence to menopause. Only after the combination of follicles of adult women and sperm can there be the opportunity to develop into embryos.

Therefore, women should pay special attention to the quality of follicles during pregnancy.Generally speaking, women with normal ovulation develop a high -quality follicle every month and an eggs are expel.Whether the eggs are healthy depends on whether the follicles are mature, so determining the quality of the follicles can basically determine whether the woman is suitable for pregnancy.

High -quality follicles are greater than other follicles.After observing the follicles of the female uterus, it was found that when the diameter of the follicles reaches 20 ~ 25mm, its circular or oval shape is full, the inner wall is thin and clear, which is a high -quality follicle.

It should be noted that when women develop only one follicle every month, the chance of becoming high -quality follicles is greater.This is because some people also develop multiple follicles.The development of follicles depends on the secretion of estrogen in the body. If the follicles are excessive and the number of hormones is limited, it is naturally impossible to cultivate high -quality eggs.

Therefore, the quality of follicles can generally be judged by the size and quantity of follicles. This is also a prerequisite for women for pregnancy.

The above is the quality and quantity of the follicles displayed in the B -ultrasound. So in daily life, how to judge how the egg quality in the body is determined by the body’s body performance?

First of all, having a mature and healthy body is one of the important conditions for women’s follicle development. Women aged 20 to 35 have a higher chance of getting high -quality follicles.Therefore, as long as the body does not have other diseases, the cultivated follicles are usually not much problems.

Secondly, some people secrete egg -shaped substances before menstruation, which is a manifestation of the elevation of female hormonal hormones.The development of follicles depends on this type of hormone. The follicles cultivated by such people are usually high -quality.

The quality of follicles developed by women is high and low, which is related to the physical condition of personal physical fitness, physical conditions, diseases and follicles.

Follicles exist in the ovaries, and its quality is closely related to the function of the ovaries.The function of the ovarian includes ovarian cells and promotes follicles, secrete estrogen, progesterone, and a small amount ofrogen. Sex hormones produced by ovarian can maintain the body’s endocrine balance.

When the ovarian function cannot be played normally, if the secretion of estrogen is reduced, it will affect the growth and development of follicles, make it unable to grow normally, and affect its mature quality.

To judge the quality of follicles, you can also check the six sex hormones of the female ovaries and the number of sinus egg cells as a reference. If the indicators are abnormal, the probability of high -quality follicles is relatively low.

Women’s bodies are traumatized or mentally stimulating incidents will have a certain impact on the development of follicles.Common strenuous exercise and weight loss, etc., may affect the release of related hormones in the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis, and eventually reduce the quality of follicles.

Secondly, when women encounter physical or mental stress, they will promote the body to release gonadotropin. This hormone may cause follicular stimulatory, luteinxin, and estrogen disorders, affecting the discharge of follicles.

This type of excretion is mainly reflected in the number of follicles, and it is difficult to produce high -quality follicles in multi -follicles.Therefore, during pregnancy, women should try to reduce external stimuli from both physical and spiritual aspects, maintain physical and mental peace and pleasure, and create conditions for breeding high -quality follicles.

In addition, disease is also an important factor affecting follicle development.Ovarian cysts, premature aging, pituitary tumors, hypothalamic brain diseases, etc., can cause hormone disturbances in the body, reduce the function of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis, and leads to poor follicle development.

Therefore, diseases affecting hormone secretions in the body, and the treatment of the original onset is completed, and then take pregnancy measures under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition, genetic, immune or infection factors may also affect the function of ovarian function, which in turn makes follicles poorly develop.

It can be seen above that the development of follicles is closely related to the function of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis. Anyway in any link in it will affect the development of follicles.Therefore, if you want to raise high -quality follicles during pregnancy, work hard from these aspects.

Since the normal development of follicles is closely related to the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis, the maintenance of these three parts can basically ensure its functional play, which is of great significance to cultivate high-quality follicles.

The hypothalamus is located below the mound ditch. It is the highest center under the plant nerve cortex. It is also an important connection point for the edge system and mesh structure. It is also the inspiration of the pituitary endocrine system.

We all know that the pituitary gland has the function of secretion hormones, while the hypothalamus is the part of "monitoring" and "command" endocrine system. Many hormone secretions in the human body are controlled by it. It can be said to be the general hub of the endocrine system.

In daily maintenance, the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and paying attention to the use of certain drugs have an important role in protecting the hypothalamus.

Hentacle is an organ that can directly secrete hormones. It secretes gonadotropin, which plays an important role in producing sperm and female follicles for men’s testicles.

Because the pituitary gland is responsible for the endocrine function of the body, adjusting the endocrine can make its function play normally.Pay attention to the regular life, avoid staying up late and overwork, and reduce excessive use of the brain.

At the same time, emotions have a greater impact on the brain. A good mentality is an important condition for maintaining the normal play of endocrine function. Female friends, especially those who are preparing for pregnancy, must pay attention to this aspect.

Pyrtinel tumors have shown a relatively high incidence in recent years, which is closely related to people’s unscientific living habits. Women preparing for pregnant women need to improve their lifestyle and avoid pituitary diseases and affect pregnancy.

The important role of ovarian in the development of follicles has been explained earlier.

Protecting ovarian function, scientific maintenance needs to be carried out in daily life such as diet, exercise, emotions, and schedules.A healthy lifestyle can enable the entire body function to play normally, and it is also the basic condition to ensure that the ovaries can secrete hormones normally and promote follicle development.

Eat more beans, dairy products, and cereals in the diet, exercise appropriately, happy body and mind, and avoid scientific lifestyle such as staying up late, regular work and rest, can improve the body’s immunity, make the body’s endocrine system play normally, and protect the ovaries.

Of course, pregnancy is not a matter of women alone. To have smart and healthy babies, both men and women work together.

Preparation is a scientific engineering. It requires both husband and wife to work together, sperm health and vitality, full and high -quality eggs, is the basis for having a smart healthy baby.

Before pregnancy, both men and women do a good physical examination can increase the child’s health probability under good physical conditions.

The current inspection methods are relatively advanced. Before pregnancy, it is recommended that both men and women do a comprehensive medical examination.But many people think that this test is meaningless.But this is an important guarantee for eugenics. If problems are found after pregnancy, abortion is very harmful to women’s physical damage.

If you find that your body is not suitable for pregnancy during examination, you need to adjust the child under the guidance of a doctor, which can ensure the basic health of adults and children.

During pregnancy, you should balance your diet, and eat more foods rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins. Folic acid can be appropriately supplemented.

Folic acid is a water -soluble vitamin, which has an important role in the development and intelligence of the fetus.At least three months before pregnancy, by supplementing folic acid, it can prevent the malformations of fetal blood vessels and neural tube, and can also promote the development of the fetal brain, which also has an important regulatory role in the body of women in the early pregnancy.

A healthy and balanced diet can provide children with rich nutrition after pregnancy and promoting fetal development, which is of great significance to improve children’s physical fitness.If you eat more oil and salt food, it is easy to cause some projects in the blood of pregnant women to exceed the standard, which will affect the growth of the fetus.

To quit smoking and drinking radiation to improve the quality of sperm and eggs.

Some young people who like to smoke and drink must quit when preparing for pregnancy.The stimulus of nicotine and alcohol in cigarettes will penetrate the blood, in addition to bringing risks to their own health, it will also affect reproductive ability.

Whether it is sperm or eggs, it is produced by reproductive metabolism in the body of men and women, and has the ability to reproduce.After being stimulated by nicotine and alcohol, the survival rate and quality rate of the two are greatly reduced, which is not suitable for pregnancy and child.

In addition, various electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers have become one of the most exposed items in people’s lives. No matter how much radiation produces, it will cause some harm to the human body.Young men and women who prepare for pregnancy should pay attention to keeping a distance from the source of radiation to avoid their injury reproductive system.

Having a healthy and smart baby is the common wishes of many husbands and wives. It is related to the physical fitness of both husbands and wives.Frequent follicles developed by women are the key to bred a healthy baby. Generally speaking, each mature woman can give birth to a high -quality follicles every month.

High -quality follicles are characterized by large, thin skin, and full shape. Its quality is related to ovarian function, mental factors, and diseases.If you want healthy babies, you need to work together to create more suitable conditions for your baby’s growth in environmental, diet, and living habits.

Finally, I hope that this article can help couples who are preparing for pregnancy and let all female compatriots who are preparing for pregnancy take pregnancy as soon as possible.

If you have questions or other aspects of obstetrics and gynecology, you can also communicate with me ~

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