High -risk pregnant women complete the fourth cesarean section, mother and baby are safe

As we all know, as a effective means to solve the dystocia and certain obstetrics, the cesarean section has saved the lives of countless mothers and babies. However, the more the number of cesarean section is more dangerous for maternal cesarean section.Recently, the team of Yang Weitao, the obstetric family of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Changsha City, successfully performed the fourth cesarean section surgery for a 33 -year -old high -risk pregnant woman. The surgery was smooth and the mother and child were safe.

A week ago, the clinic of Director Yang Weitao, the Jiahua District of Changsha Maternal and Child Health Hospital, ushered in a special pregnant woman Ms. Jiang. Ms. Jiang saw Director Yang very excitedly and said: "Director Yang, I have been anxious and nervous for several monthsPlease help me surgery. "

It turned out that although Ms. Jiang was only 33 years old, she was already the seventh pregnancy and went through three cesarean section. After the third cesarean section, the doctor suggested that she not to regenerate, and the serious consequences of life may occur.However, last year, Ms. Jiang was pregnant unexpectedly last year. The instinct of motherhood made her decide to take the risk and give birth to the child in her belly again. This time, she will face the fourth cesarean section in her life.Several hospital consultations were rejected, and finally I saw the publicity and reports of Director Yang Weitao from the Internet.

Ms. Jiang is a high -risk pregnancy and has experienced multiple pregnancy and three cesarean section. As the number of cesarean section increases, the abdominal wall, pelvic abdominal cavity is severely adhesive, and the risk of damage to the bladder and intestinal tube is high.The risks such as rescue are greatly increased, and even in severe cases, there is even the possibility of removal of uterus.In particular, Ms. Jiang was not done in the three hospitals for the first three cesarean section, and the possibility of the above risks was more likely.

Considering Ms. Jiang’s particularity, difficulty and safety of surgery, Director Yang Weitao led the surgery team to attach great importance, conducted strict preoperative discussions and evaluations, repeatedly discussed the surgical plan, and formulated in various cases in various situations in the operation.Emergency plan and rescue preparation.

During the operation, as expected, Ms. Jiang was severely adhered to the abdominal wall and pelvic abdominal cavity, and the anatomical level was unclear. Director Yang carefully and accurately separated the adhesion. Seeing that the lower section of the uterus was very thin, she could break and bleed at any time.With a loud crying sound, Director Yang successfully removed the baby successfully at the speed of "fast, accurate, and stable", and then gave the shrinkage drugs and carefully sutured the hemostasis.With the close cooperation of the superb technology and the team, there is no danger, not much bleeding and no side damage.

After the operation, Director Yang came to Ms. Jiang’s bed. Ms. Jiang, who was just 6 hours after the operation, was able to turn over and hold it. She smiled and held Director Yang’s hand and said, "I almost insomnia every day before the operation.Recalling the painful experience of the first three cesarean section, I was even more scared this time, but you promised to give me the main knife, and I was down to my heart.Feelings".

After the surgery, the careful diagnosis and treatment of the medical team of the Jiahua District. Ms. Jiang recovered fast and good. On the first day of the operation, she could get out of bed. No postoperative complications occurred.Ms. Jiang said excitedly: "The first three cesarean sections were painful and slow. I did not expect that this operation was better than any previous operation, and it was not painful.Medical services make me so lucky. "

Director Yang said: Although Ms. Jiang is lucky, we do not advocate such extremely dangerous behavior such as four cesarean section. From a medical perspective, it is best not to exceed three times, because the uterine scar after cesarean section is for the mother.It’s like a "irregular bomb". When you are pregnant again, it is very likely that the scar is pregnancy. The uterine rupture, postpartum bleeding, dangerous front placenta, and placental implantation will be very dangerous.

In the end, Director Yang suggested: Respecting the laws of nature. Substation is the best choice for childbirth. The risk of subsequent pregnancy and childbirth will be greatly reduced.Our hospital has been committed to reducing the rate of cesarean section, advocating natural delivery, and from obstetric outpatient clinic management, health mission, midwife outpatient consulting guidance, to launch childbirth analgesic and family -based companionship during delivery.The smooth childbirth protection escort.

Correspondent Zhang Bei Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Mei Mei

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