His fiancee was pregnant with a child in just 20 days, but the man was sad and worried. Why?

Wang Qinglai, 37, was engaged with Liu Yun, who was only 10 days under the arrangement of his parents.

After the engagement, Wang Qinglai and Liu Yun came to work in Guangzhou and lived together.

After living together for 20 days, Liu Yun’s body suddenly began to be uncomfortable. When she went to the hospital, she knew that she was pregnant.

"I’m pregnant … It’s amazing ….. It feels like a dream …" For Liu Yun, this child is like a gift from heaven to herEssence

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Now she is 38 years old. At this age, it is not easy to be able to succeed in pregnancy, so she cherishes the child very much.

Wang Qinglai heard the news of the fiancee’s pregnancy, first surprised for a while, and then showed a shallow smile.

After that, Wang Qinglai seemed to have begun to change, and the whole person became silent.

Liu Yun couldn’t stand Wang Qinglai’s indifferent attitude, so he asked: "What’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with?"

Wang Qinglai hesitated again and again, still asking the doubts in your heart: "Don’t you think you are pregnant too fast? Is this child mine?"

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Hearing Wang Qinglai’s questioning of himself, Liu Yun was very angry: "I am with you every day, do you know if this child is you?"

Wang Qinglai did not continue to answer Liu Yun’s question, and turned into the bedroom to rest on the grounds of too tired work.

After that, the relationship between the two began to become lighter, and the contradictions began to appear continuously with some small frictions in life.

After Liu Yun was angry, he dragged back to home with a few months of pregnancy, and the two began to live in separation, and the communication began to get less and less.

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Liu Yun has been questioning Wang Qinglai’s identity. She does not know what evidence Wang Qinglai has, so that he can question his child’s identity so confidently.

What exactly do Wang Qinglai know?Why did he doubt his child’s identity openly?What about this child’s true identity?

Older male and female blind date, in just 10 days of high -speed engagement

Liu Yun is an old unmarried young woman. For many years, her marriage has always been a major event in her parents.

Because he had a bad love experience when he was young, Liu Yun had never got married for many years, and even had not even talked about a few loves.

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"When I was young, I used to like someone very much, but that person was from the province, my parents did not agree …"

Speaking of his former lover, Liu Yun couldn’t help booing in his heart.

"That man has a wife in his hometown. I only knew this later … I don’t want to be a junior, so I didn’t follow him."

After that, Liu Yun had never talked about love, and later got along with a boy after a blind date.

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"That boy is younger than me, and he refuses to suffer without moving, so I will separate from him not long after the relationship."

After that, although Liu Yun would obey his parents’ opinions on a blind date, he had never seen the right blind date.

In this way, Liu Yun stepped into 38 years old.

As she became older, she was afraid that she was not easy to find an object and began to worry about her marriage.

Under the arrangement of her aunt, she had a blind date with Wang Qing.

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At the beginning, Liu Yun did not have much hope for this blind date.

After the two met, there were not many words of Wang Qinglai, and most of Wang Qinglai’s situation was introduced by Wang Qinglai’s father.

"The two of you are almost the same age, and they are both the age of the family, and they are quite suitable in all aspects."

Afraid that Liu Yun would not agree, Wang Father also introduced Wang Qinglai’s income.

"My child opened a store by himself, and earned about 15,000 yuan a month. You are not stable now. In the future, you will go to the store to work together to cultivate your feelings."

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Liu Yun was not happy in his heart, but when he heard the father said so, he agreed to deal with Wang Qing.

For a 38 -year -old rural girl, it is not easy for such a big age to find more than 10,000 a month and be a boss.

Under the cooperation of parents of both parties, the two quickly booked a marriage in just 10 days.

After getting engaged, Liu Yun and Wang Qing came to work in the store.

Although the two people get along with small contradictions, this is also a process of running in the two people.

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Soon, good news came from the two, and Liu Yun was pregnant.

Pregnancy was a good thing, but I did not expect this to become the fuse of the contradiction between the two in the later period.

The diagnosis of a paper makes a man suspicious, what is the truth about things?

Wang Qinglai has always been doubtful about the child’s life.

"We only knew 20 days, and she found out that she was pregnant, and this speed was too fast."

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Hearing the news of pregnancy, Wang Qinglai was also very happy at first, but this joy did not last long.

"The two of us are not young. When I was doing a medical examination at that time, the doctor said that I was not good, and I was not pregnant …"

It turned out that after the two were engaged, the family arranged for them to do a medical examination.

Because they are not young, the Wang family hopes that they can spread their branches for the Wang family as soon as possible, but they are more worried about the physical condition of the two.

During the physical examination, the doctor said that his body may be more difficult to ask for children, so in order to have children, Wang Qinglai has been taking medicine and conditioning.

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I didn’t think about it. Before taking the medicine for a few days, the fiancee Liu Yun was pregnant.

After pregnancy, Liu Yun often has to do a pregnancy test.

Although Wang Qinglai will accompany Liu Yun, every time the doctor wants to say, Liu Yun will always send him out.

Although Wang Qinglai didn’t say anything on the surface, the doubt in his heart became heavier.

Wang Qinglai thought about it, and he didn’t think much about it. He didn’t think much, so he told his parents and his brother.

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After the Wang family knew this incident, the attitude towards Liu Yun suddenly turned sharply, and the contradiction between the two began to become more and more.

"The two of us live together, he helped me wash a pair of underwear, and his mother had to call me to scold me."

Wang Qinglai is like a minor child. He will tell his parents about a little things between the two.

When the parents of the Wang family heard these things, they would start to fight for their son.

"The two couples are together, helping to wash a clothes, it is normal. He doesn’t want to wash it without washing. Why should his family abuse me so much?"

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Liu Yun couldn’t live in this matter.

In addition, Liu Yun feels that Wang Qinglai has always been three hearts for herself.

"A female customer came in the store. People asked who I was. He told others that I was a new waiter."

One day, a young female client came to the store to get the goods and inadvertently asked Liu Yun’s identity.

Without any hesitation, Wang Qinglai told the other party that his fiancee was a new waiter.

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"He and I have been engaged, and he is unwilling to admit the relationship with me in front of others, as if I can’t get it on the stage."

Liu Yun felt that Wang Qinglai did not take herself in heart, nor did she give her respect.

Later, Wang Qinglai’s brother also participated in the problems of two people.

"His brother called me inexplicably, saying that I did not respect his brother and treat his brother as a slave."

Liu Yun was very incomprehensible to the elder brother Wang family.

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"I don’t understand what kind of evil people are in his mouth, so that his family has regarded me as a wolf tiger and leopard."

The more Wang Qinglai talked to his family, the more the Wang family participated in the two, and the more contradictions between the two.

In the end, Liu Yun couldn’t continue this life and proposed a remarriage.

But at this time, Liu Yun had a child in his stomach, because of this child, he was delayed again and again.

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In order to avoid conflicting with the Wang family, Liu Yun returned to her mother’s family to raise her tires.

The child questioned the child’s life as soon as he was born, and the woman was discouraged.

After experiencing hard pregnancy, Liu Yun finally waited for the day of production.

But the fiance’s attitude made her completely chilling.

"I am going to produce. As my fiance and child’s father, he didn’t come back."

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In the days near production, Liu Yun proposed to let Wang Qing come back to accompany the birth, but he did not expect that Wang Qinglai refused.

"You usually have to make money at work, I can understand, I have to have children, so let him come back when I have a child and he is unwilling …"

What makes Liu Yun more sad is that the Wang family is not very concerned about what Liu Yun produces.

"I was in the hospital at the time, and the amniotic fluid was broken. Let his dad go to pay the money."

At that time, Liu Yun was sitting on the stool in the hospital, because the contraction stomach hurts for a while, but the Wang family was unmoved and dragged the payment to the hospital.

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"They paid the money later, but I also paid it when I was going to the operating table …"

Although the Wang family paid the cost of cesarean section surgery, Liu Yun felt very cold.

The behavior of the Wang family after the child was born made Liu Yun very angry.

"When the children of other people are born, they are anxious to care about the situation of their children and mothers. They are good, and they are anxious to compare their children and their sons."

Seeing the behavior of the Wang family’s parents, Liu Yun was very annoyed and immediately drove them away.

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The parents of the Wang family were very angry when they saw this, and they began to question the child’s life in front of everyone.

"She doesn’t even let the child look at it. Anyway, is this child who doesn’t know if you still do it.

The father was angry with Liu Yun, and now he called and said this with Wang Qing.

These words made Liu Yun feel unprecedentedly shame. She quarreled with the Wang family’s parents, saying that the child had no relationship with Wang Qinglai.

After being discharged from the hospital, Liu Yun took the child back to his mother’s house, and put his child’s hukou on his household registration.

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When the Wang family heard the news, he panicked instantly, and quickly asked Wang Qing to pick up Liu Yun and his children.

But Liu Yun was so aggrieved, how could he forgive the Wang family easily.

So when Wang Qing came to pick her up, Liu Yun said a lot of stimulus Wang Qinglai.

"This child has no father, his father is dead, he is only my mother."

Hearing Liu Yun’s saying that Wang Qinglai’s heart was difficult to accept, he returned to Wang’s house angrily.

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The parents of the Wang family saw that their son did not pick up the grandchildren who was thinking about, and he was angry at him. The father even pumped his son with a broom.

"Why are you so useless, such a big person can’t even do this little thing …"

In the face of his father’s accusations, Wang Qinglai could only whisper: "She scolded me in ugly words, not even my son could not let me hug me …"

"The child didn’t pick it back, you came back first. What are you coming back? If the child can’t pick it back, don’t come back, get me …"

In the face of his father’s scolding, Wang Qinglai could only kneel on the ground, and whispered in his mouth: "I can’t help, dad, I can’t help …"

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Seeing his son’s appearance, the prince was angry, and the queen mother hid in the house and wiped tears secretly.

"Others have grandsons who are so happy, but I am sad to die. My grandson has been born for so many days, and I haven’t even hugged it."

Every day, Mother Wang can only take a small video shot by Liu Yun on the mobile software to see the grandchildren who is thinking about her heart.

"My heart is bitter, my grandson can’t see nor hug …"

In order to pick up Liu Yun and his son, the family of Wang family came to Liu Yun’s house early.

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Wang Qinglai hugged hoping to come to the Liu family, but at Liu Yun’s house, he did not see Liu Yun and his son.

"Liu Yun took the child out to work, but now he is not at home."

Under the inquiry of the Wang family, Liu’s father said the whereabouts of his daughter and grandson.

"How to solve this matter, you always have to give us a statement. Now we have not spent money, and my grandson can’t see it."

The father said to Liu Yun’s father’s distress.

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"As a father, of course, I also hope that the two of them can get a good day, but what you do is too bad."

Father Liu felt that the Wang family was very sincere in settlement.

Not only did they not give the Liu family a holiday ceremony according to the local customs, but they did not care about their daughters at all, and they didn’t care about grandchildren.

"You told my daughter yourself, what would she do, I don’t intervene."

"We have to take the child to make a parent -child identification. If it is the child of the Wang family, we must be this child."

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Facing the father’s speech, Liu Yun’s father seemed a little hesitant. He didn’t know what to do, and finally called his daughter’s phone.

After learning the intention of his father’s call, Liu Yun simply said to his father: "Dad, don’t care about them, how to let the court judge."

"But it is not a thing to drag like this. They said that they would take their children to do a parent -child identification."

Although his father had been persuading Liu Yun, Liu Yun was unwilling to take his child to a parent -child identification.

After some inquiry, the Wang family found Liu Yun who rented a house in the town.

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Seeing the grandchildren, the queen mother couldn’t restrain the excitement, and she had to hug him when he rushed over.

Seeing this scene, Liu Yun’s mother hurriedly stopped the queen mother.

"What do you want to do, grabbing people?" Mother Liu was very anxious and said while pulling the Queen Mother.

"We don’t grab people, my mother, I just want to see the children."

However, Mother Liu obviously did not believe in the words of the Queen Mother. As she guarded her grandson, she notified her daughter with her mobile phone.

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In the rental house, the two sides quarreled again because of the child’s affairs.

In the end, Liu Yun made a concession and agreed to take the child to do parent -child identification.

One paper identification has a child’s identity, and the man regrets it

In order to solve this matter as soon as possible, both sides decided not to delay, and soon made an appointment for parent -child identification.

After taking the blood sample, Wang Qing came to look at the child of Liu Yun’s arms and initiated a daze.

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Of course, Liu Yun knew what Wang Qinglai was looking forward to, but before the identification results came out, she didn’t want her son and Wang Qing to have any closeness.

"He questioned my identity of my child, which is a great shame for me and my children."

Who can know this grievance in Liu Yun’s heart?

"No matter what the result, I will not continue with him. This shame and grievances, only I understand it myself."

During the waiting time, Wang Qinglai’s heart became more and more embarrassed.

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Does this result that he has always been pursuing will really make him satisfied?

At the moment when the results were handed over to the two, the thoughts in their hearts were completely different.

For Liu Yun, this result is evidence that he and his son are innocent.

But for Wang Qinglai, no matter what this result is, it seems that there is no good for him.

Under the witness of the notary, the identification results were finally revealed.

The appraisal results show that the child has a blood relationship with Liu Yun and Wang Qinglai, that is, the child is indeed born for Wang Qinglai.

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Facing this result, Wang Qinglai was speechless. He wanted to continue to live with Liu Yun, but Liu Yun had already expressed his attitude.

"I have said it long ago, no matter what the result, I will not marry you."

"The reason why I am willing to do this parent -child identification is just to prove the innocence of myself and the child …"

In the end, the two decided to break up peacefully, and they also came to a law firm.

"If you want to break up, you should pay back the money you spend, and since the child is mine, then I must pick it up."

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Facing Wang Qinglai’s unreasonable demands, Liu Yun felt very unbelievable, but Wang Qinglai only thought about the money spent when engaging.

"The money for engagement plus the gift money given by about 150,000, you have to pay me for this money."

Hearing Wang Qinglai said so, Liu Yun refused to show weakness.

"I will retire the money that should be retired, but you don’t think about children."

Seeing that the negotiations between the two parties were not happy, the lawyer had to separate the two separately.

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Under the persuasion of the lawyer, the two sides eventually reached an agreement.

The child was raised by Liu Yun, and the Wang family paid Liu Yun’s support for 1,500 yuan per month. The Wang family had the right to visit.

Liu Yun does not need to refund the relevant costs of Cai Li and the cost of engagement, but the child’s hukou must be changed to the Wang family name.

After such a noisy, Liu Yun also thoroughly seen Wang Qinglai’s person. She no longer felt a commemorative, she just wanted to raise her son and grew up.


As a parent, what I want to see most is that their children can be good.

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In order to allow his son to grow healthily, although Liu Yun suffered a lot of grievances in the Wang family, he had to bear these grievances with the Wang family.

If Wang Qinglai did not have so much suspicion about his fiancee at the beginning, maybe they would not reach this step today.

The time of the two people was too short, and the running -in time between each other was not enough, so the contradiction occurred.

When the contradiction occurred, after the third person participated in, the contradiction between the couple was constantly intensified, and finally it was irreparable.

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In addition, as Liu Yun said, as an adult man, Wang Qinglai has never given enough security for the fiancee.

Not only did they not have the respect that the fiancee should have, but also lacked trust in the fiancee. Once trust collapsed, the relationship between the two could no longer continue.

As parents, the old couple of the Wang family participated in the lives of their sons and prospective daughter -in -law. Their participation made this unstable relationship at stake.

As a parent, we should bravely let go when we should let go. You can give your children more advice when asking the child, but do not ask the child to go "how to do …", "How to do …… "

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