Hot pot, ice cream, and spicy spicy can be eaten during pregnancy.

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Seeing this topic, it is estimated that I haven’t eaten hot pot, ice cream, and hot mothers who have eaten hot pots for a long time.The hot flavor, or the sweet ice cream taste is really nostalgic, the pregnant mothers who haven’t tried them for a long time may not be stunned.But what I want to tell you here is that these are eating.


Of course, hot pot can be eaten. The reason for not allowing pregnant mothers to eat is not good for children’s health.But in real life, did you really have not ate hot pot in pregnant mothers?The child born is not as healthy.Therefore, this reason is not established.In the same way, ice cream, as well as spicy spicy can also be eaten.

The most important point is that our human body itself has a detoxification mechanism, so if it is a slightly harmful substance, our body can be solved by ourselves, and we should not exceed the amount of load of body detoxification.

The conditions that can be eaten:

This is not to say that you can eat it or you can eat at will. If you want to eat whatever you want, you can eat as much as you want.You still need to pay attention to eating these things.

Condition 1: There are too many times to eat.

For a month, you can eat it once or twice. Although these foods have more or less stimulus to the body of the pregnant mother, they need to accumulate for a long time before these stimuli can occur.Those pregnant mothers who eat hot pot or ice cream once, or spicy hot, are still uncomfortable in their bodies, but everyone must know that most ordinary people in life are still most ordinary people.

Remember, the pregnant mother who is really weak, it is recommended not to try these foods.

Condition two: Do not eat too exciting

Like a hot pot, you can eat soup, do n’t want to be slightly spicy; do n’t eat spicy spicy, do n’t eat spicy ones, do n’t want to be spicy.This can not only solve the zealogy, but also reduce the harm to the fetus as much as possible.For ice cream and spicy, pregnant mothers must also adhere to this principle when they eat.

Condition three: Can’t just eat the same dish

Pregnant mothers like to eat meat, so when they are brushing vegetables, they eat beef and mutton, pork, and green vegetables.This is really not good. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers should remember to maintain a balanced nutrition whether they eat hot pot or hot hot pot.


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