Hot pot, ice powder, and crayfish ate a meal, and the pregnant woman vomited and diarrhea at 39 weeks of pregnancy also appeared in contractions.

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Correspondent Li Linmu Hu Yinchu

In the season when the annual crayfish is listed, the various pictures in the circle of friends are a huge temptation for many "food" pregnant mothers.On the evening of April 26, Ms. Lu (Hua surname), who was nearly produced at 39 weeks of pregnancy, took her husband to enjoy a big meal.After contraction, fortunately, I went to Wuren Hospital in Wuhan to treat it in a timely manner, and then did not further affect the fetus.

Ms. Lu, 32, lives in Qingshan. On the evening of April 26th, 39 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Lu was shared by the crayfish, barbecue and other food pictures shared by pregnant mothers.I went out to enjoy a big meal, crayfish, ice powder, cold noodles, hot pot, ice cream, did not fall into a different ate.

Unexpectedly, after returning home that night, Ms. Lu began to spit and diarrhea. She ran six or seven to the toilet in one night.In order to alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea, Ms. Lu also took her own doctrine, but the symptoms still did not relieve it. After one night of tossing, Ms. Lu was almost involved. Seeing that her husband quickly drove Ms.Consultation.

"Patients have symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. The stool is dilute water. It is a typical symptom of acute gastroenteritis. At the same time, during the diagnosis, we also found that the patient had contractions."The doctor Yu Yi said that fortunately, Ms. Lu was still in a timely manner. If it was dragged down, it might cause more serious consequences such as premature breakthrough, infection in the fetal palace, and intraternal embarrassment.

After a series of treatment, Ms. Lu’s diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain quickly relieved, and her physical condition also improved significantly after being cured, and her fetal condition returned to normal.

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Fei Zhiyi, director of the obstetrics department of Wuhan Puren Hospital, reminds the majority of pregnant mothers that diet must pay special attention during pregnancy."Food, it is best to choose carefully. As soon as the pregnant mother pays attention to, it may have problems such as allergies or acute gastroenteritis, causing contractions to affect the health of the fetus.At the same time, any alcoholic beverages, strong tea, and strong coffee are also taboos during pregnancy.If there is a adverse reaction, do not take the medicine by yourself, you should go to a regular hospital in time to treat them with symptomatic treatment.

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