How amazing the fetal dream during pregnancy, the information that the baby gives you, the expectant mothers have experienced it

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Dreaming is a human instinct. If you are frightened or watching horror movies on the same day, your mood is too serious, you will have some "exciting" dreams at night, and you usually forget to dream after waking up or the next day.The content is still more interesting, but for women who are pregnant, their dreams have a "hint" dream!

Let ’s take a look at the magical dreams of those Baoma!

I was persistent throughout my life: My fetal dream is accurate. When I was pregnant with my son, I dreamed that a maid dressed in the Song Dynasty had a dragon behind him, and I was optimistic about a big dragon.Another is to dream of a coffin, and it also gave birth to a son and 8 pounds.

Boat: When I was pregnant with a second child, a colorful big rooster fell on the wall of her husband’s hometown all night!Later, a girl was born. The old man said that it was not a rooster, but a Phoenix!

Hina: In the late pregnancy, dreaming of going to the water park to play and seeing a black dragon swimming in the water, I quickly dragged its tail.After going ashore, another elder I met and handed me a bright big pearl. As a result, a pair of dragon and phoenix tires were given.

Hwyoo: I had a dream when I was pregnant with her daughter for a few months. A huge flower snake passed from the back of my foot. I woke up and told me that my mother was pregnant.Knowing that Zhou Gong interprets his dreams, it is really amazing, because I do n’t dream about my pregnancy, the only time, and now more than 20 years have passed very clearly.

Running down: When I was pregnant with Dabao, we both prepared not to get it off, but the mother -in -law suddenly called us and asked what we were doing.Looking at the tears, I called to say that we were told. We also wanted to stay and stayed. It’s really strange. She didn’t have that strange dream anymore.Dreaming about two snakes, one big black snake and one little green snake, rushing together like me, the little snake directly drilled into the pot as a dish, the big snake drilled into my belly, both of which were male treasures.

As the saying goes: I think about the day, and there are dreams at night. Pregnant women will think about it during pregnancy, but these dreams are more consuming, and it is easy to make the mother think about it.I dreamed of the baby directly, and some treasure mothers dreamed of some animals, such as dragons, phoenixes, snakes, rabbits, dogs, etc. Some treasure mothers felt that their dreams were very good, and some Baoma felt dreams and family dreams.The reality is the opposite.

In fact, there is no scientific basis for "fetal dreams". If Baoma often has "fetal dreams", it is recommended to watch less horrible and exciting movies during the day, maintain a peaceful mood, and the impulsive Bao mother must adjust her.The mentality, so as not to be driving emotions at night!

After reading this article, do you think the baby dream is the dream of the baby to the mother?Do you have a dream during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!


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