How can pregnant women prevent cold?Do these 2 small things, or you can get more effort

Women are pregnant in October and need to endure a lot of pain.Symptoms of vomiting during pregnancy often cause pregnant women to swallow.In the later period, the uterus will continue to increase, and the body’s development body needs to endure a lot of pain. Therefore, pregnant women need to carefully care for their bodies to avoid any accidents.Because the entire pregnancy is relatively long, many pregnant women will inevitably be cold due to low resistance.

What should I do?

1. If the pregnant woman is cold, if there is symptoms of vomiting, you need to keep your mood comfortable, and don’t be too nervous.Because emotional tension can lead to increased physical pressure, which seriously affects the gastrointestinal and intestines, and gastrointestinal discomfort may increase the symptoms of vomiting.Therefore, if you want to relieve faster, you need to keep your mood comfortable and face with a peaceful attitude.

2. If you get cold after pregnancy, pay more attention to rest and keep warm at the same time.Because physical or mental fatigue can cause vomiting to worsen. For your sake of health, you need to pay more attention to keep warm and increase clothing.At the same time, take more rest and sufficient sleep can improve the body’s immune ability and effectively resist the cold virus.

3. Drink plenty of hot water during pregnancy, because water can avoid dehydration of the pregnant woman after vomiting, and at the same time, it can maintain the balance of body fluid.It is necessary to control the amount of drinking water every day and supplement the loss of moisture, which will help to improve the symptoms of cold.If the cold in the body is too heavy, you can also drink more ginger tea to improve.

4, pregnant women can eat more acidic food after cold, help relieve vomiting symptoms, such as orange, citrus, apricot, etc., but do not eat too much at one time.Eating acidic fruits can also supplement vitamin C to effectively improve the body’s immune ability, which is helpful for relief of cold symptoms.

How do pregnant women prevent cold?

1. If you want to prevent cold, the first thing is to keep warm and increase clothing, especially in the seasonal change stage. As long as the warmth is in place, it is not easy to cause a cold due to weather changes.

2. Supplementing sufficient vitamins can avoid colds, and you can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.At the same time, paying attention to nutritional balance is good for the improvement of immunity.Generally, respiratory tract infections can catch a cold. Because the respiratory tract defense function is low at this time, zinc is required, and you should eat more zinc diet.

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