How can the husband’s "physiological needs" be solved?The newlywed couple understands after reading it

I have a common trouble for the newlywed couples, that is, how to solve the life of the husband and wife after the wife is pregnant?Although everyone needs everyone in life, it is not very embarrassed to open the door to discuss the mountain.

Although this is a secret topic, it is also troubled by many people.

I believe that it will answer the same room with many people. If the prospective dad clearly states that he can hold back, it is better, but who can fully guarantee that in the process of enduringLook at the color?

The most interesting thing is that many couples do not know that some time during pregnancy can also be in the same room.

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is probably three months before pregnancy. It is not possible to have the same room, because at this time the child has not developed stable, and some of the pregnancy reactions of the pregnant mother will be more severe. It takes a period of time to adapt.Before the fetus was in bed, he was anxious to live a husband and wife, which may lead to abortion, and it would be lost.

After the fetus is in bed, under the relatively stable conditions, some husband and wife life can be performed, which can allow the two sides to be resolved, enhance their feelings, and promote the development of the fetus, because the life of the husband and wife at this stage can promote the baby’s nervous system, so that the child’s brain can develop a certain amount of development.Essence

But the focus!Do not be too intense, otherwise it will really hurt the baby.In addition, before the event, the two parties are requested to clean up themselves to avoid breeding some bacteria and affect the health of the fetus.

By the time of pregnancy, that is, 8 months, at this time, the pregnant woman’s belly is very large. It is not convenient to do anything, and there may be some backache and fatigue when nearly production.And the lives of the late couples, because the oxytocin in the women’s body will cause premature birth, so it cannot be performed.

In short, pregnancy is not equal to the same room, but there will be more matters.Especially for the newlywed couples, because the affection is strong, it is also relatively impulsive. It is necessary to ensure that children and pregnant women are in the same room.

In fact, if the time, frequency and posture of both husbands and wives are more appropriate, it will not endanger the growth of the fetus.

Here are also reminding couples to pay attention to, especially for maternals who are not good in physique. At this stage, parents still have to grow up with the safety and health of the fetus.

Everyone has their own views on the same room during pregnancy. You can comment below, and everyone will discuss it together.

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