How can you determine the method of testing the time to detect the pregnancy

Many pregnant women are more sloppy, and they do n’t know when they are pregnant. When they know that they are pregnant, they do n’t know when they are pregnant.For these pregnant women, you must really want to know the calculation method during pregnancy, so as to know when you are pregnant.So when does pregnancy start to calculate? How can I accurately calculate the time of pregnancy? Please see the specific introduction below.

1. The way to determine the time of pregnancy

1. Ordinary algorithm

After pregnancy, you need to calculate the time of pregnancy, so as to correctly estimate the due date.Generally speaking, pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation.For example, the last menstrual period is April 22, then the first day of pregnancy is April 22, and then plus 280 days, the due date.In fact, the pregnancy period calculated in this way is estimated, the actual production time and due date are different, and often one or two weeks will be different.

2. Other algorithms

In addition to ordinary algorithms, when fetal movement can be used to calculate when to get pregnant. Generally speaking, the first fetal movement is 18 weeks to 20 weeks. If it is a first maternal maternal, the fetal movement day is 20 weeks, which is the due date.I know that I got pregnant from one day.You can also calculate the time of pregnancy through the B -ultrasound, because you can check the development of the fetus through the B -ultrasound and calculate the fetal age, so that you can calculate the due date, then you know when you are pregnant.

Many people want to know when pregnancy starts to calculate this problem. In fact, the starting date of calculating pregnancy is simple, as long as you remember the last menstrual period.If you have forgotten even the last menstrual period, you can estimate the due date through another method. As long as you know the day of the due date, you can know when you are pregnant. Although there will be deviation in time, the deviation is not large.

2. How to detect whether you are pregnant by yourself

1. Menstruation stops: Those who have a moon after a period of 1 to 2 weeks have yet to be considered whether pregnancy is first considered.If menstruation is always regular and suddenly not coming on time, it is best to do a pregnancy test when you find out the above signs.But if you do not keep your cycle in the cycle of insufficient menstruation, if you find symptoms such as nausea, breast pain, and frequent urination before menstruation comes, it is likely to indicate that you are pregnant.

2. Early pregnancy reactions such as decreased appetite, picky food, nausea, nausea, vomiting, bloating, constipation, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, and other early pregnancy reactions; severe cases may cause dehydration such as dry mouth and dry skin.After pregnancy, under the common effect of female and progesterone, breasts increase, breast pain, and nipples and areola pigments deepen black.Due to the increase in uterus in the early pregnancy, frequent urination may occur in the pelvic cavity.

If you find that you have symptoms of pregnancy, you can use early pregnancy test strips for detection.Under normal circumstances, there are two types of early pregnancy test strips: dripping urine in the testing hole on the test strip, such as a ribbon appeared in the test strip control area (some test strips are red, some test strips are blue)It means that it is not conceived. On the contrary, if there are obvious double bands in the detection area, it means positive and indicates that pregnancy occurs.This detection has the advantages of fast, convenient, sensitive, and highly specificity, which can avoid cross -reaction caused by other glucose hormones with similar structures with HCG.However, women who have early pregnancy must remember that early pregnancy test strips can only be used as a initial screening test, and they must go to the hospital for diagnosis.

The above is the content of the related questions that we sorted out for you today. If you want to do preliminary judgments first to see if you are pregnant, then I hope that the methods we organize today can helpYou come to make a basic judgment.

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