How did the doctor know that the patient will die within one or two days?Does a doctor fortune tell?

In the 19th century, in France, people invented 30 ways to confirm death. They used pliers to clamp their nipples, poured heat on the body, or stabbed the dead with a weapon, and put the sperm under their noses to see if they were fog.

Until 1846, a young doctor named Eugene Bochet believed that if a person’s heart stopped beating, he could confirm that he died.He suggested to invent a stethoscopy that there is no heartbeat for two minutes and can be safely buried.

After that, the "clinical death" he defined has received many doctors, and later he slowly evolved into the criteria for judging death in future generations.

With the richer clinical experience, people have new standards for definition of death: death includes cardiac stopping and brain death.

Heart death mainly includes blood circulation, pulse, stopping breathing, etc.; Brain death is brain tissue and brain cell death, and the function of the brain, cerebellum, and brain stem is permanently irreversible and stopped.

However, a woman in Portugal had declared brain death, but a baby boy was miraculously.

Her name is Qatar Saikella, 26 years old, a kayakian.In December 2021, asthma at home was induced, and the hospital was announced by the hospital in the same month. At the time, she was 19 weeks pregnant.

In order to ensure the survival of the fetus, doctors keep the breathing of the mother’s death with the instrument.However, the breathing system of the mother’s body deteriorated and caused changes in the fetal condition. When the brain was killed for nearly 3 months, the cesarean section was produced in advance. The mother’s life support equipment was closed after a few hours after delivery.

Many people may be curious, why can people still bred their lives normally after their brain dies?Is there a possibility of "resurrection" in brain death?

Have you ever seen death, can you still "get back to life"?The 24 -year -old Kenya man committed suicide in oral pesticides, but after 20 hours, he suddenly woke up and shouted loudly in the general. In 2014, after a 91 -year -old woman in Poland, Yanina was announced to die.The refrigerator was awake; a 78 -year -old man in Mississippi was discovered by the nurses to stop the pulse at the end of the caring agency. The day he announced the death of the death, he climbed out of the corpse bag of the peacefulness.

Clinically, a very mysterious name is given to this dying phenomenon -Lazarus syndrome.

Lazarus comes from the Bible John, and his story is also related to death, so people link this phenomenon with him.

The phenomenon of Lazarus was first discovered in 1984. At least 50 cases of "Lazarus syndrome" have been reported in the world, but it actually happened far.

This syndrome can sit up, lift the arm, put down, cross or put it on the chest.In addition to the Lazarus reflection, the corpse can also save knee jump reflexes.

The mechanism of the Larar -syndrome has not yet been proven. One theory believes that the emergence of this phenomenon is due to the process of heart recovery (CPR), the patient’s chest pressure continues to accumulate.The heart recovers the heart.

There is also a theory that the rescue drug is delayed, such as the injected adrenaline after the death of the adrenaline, and it only begun to play a role after the death is announced.However, due to too many missing cases, there is still no systematic research.

At the end of life, people generally need to go through three stages: dying period, clinical death, and biological death.

The dying period is the beginning of death. Each organ starts to fail. If it is found in time, there is still opportunities to reverse.By the time of clinical death, brain stems, breathing, and heartbeat stopped, but there was also a possibility of recovery.Biological death is the last stage of death, and the brain stem and the center of life cannot be reversed.

In fact, the standard for brain death has always been controversial.In order to transplant in organs, some hospitals use the standards of brain death to determine the death of patients.

However, the standard of brain death is currently not recognized in law. It cannot be simply applied to the standard of brain death to the clinic. In the process of clinical practice, the hospital has issued a diagnosis of death. It still takes cardiopulmonary breathing and the loss of systemic function as the main diagnosis method.

Wang Yue, a professor at the School of Medicine Humanities, Peking University, said that the level of medical treatment in China is uneven, and the judgment indicators and many conditions of brain death cannot be done by many grass -roots hospitals.

Brain death legislation has been adopted by most developed countries, but brain death legislation has been in a state of insufficient social consensus in my country.

One view is that the law needs to formulate special brain death laws. After all, death is the elimination of civil rights capacity, and it is better to pass the Legislative Council. Another view is that the standard of death is a technical standard and does not require legislation.

Can the brain die if you die?Unfortunately, no.

Brain death is real death and is irreversible.The confirmation of brain death is strict. In general, the two conditions must be met. One is to determine the basic cause of brain death; the other is to determine the loss of whole brain function.In order to prevent misjudgment, two doctors generally need to judge brain death at different times to confirm.

So why can the woman in the beginning of the article still give birth?This mainly depends on the hospital’s use of in vitro vessels and other equipment to maintain the vital signs of pregnant women.

By entering a special nutrient solution to ensure fetal nutrition, injecting hormones to maintain the stability of the mother, give antibiotics to control infections, and continue to use instruments to detect the mother and fetus … rely on various measures to survive in the uterus.

How does a doctor judge that the patient is about to go to the "final chapter" of life stories?In fact, there are generally 4 performances in patients entering the dying period:

1. Lack of consciousness

Patients with dying periods are prone to conscious disorder or even loss of consciousness. It can be seen that it is drowsy, coma, visual disappearance, and cannot recognize loved ones.

2. Change and blood pressure changes

It is manifested as weakening heartbeat and decreased blood pressure. Temporary heartbeat can be strengthened, accelerated, and blood pressure rises.

3. Breathing disorders

It is mainly due to weakening breathing and decreased lung capacity. Patients may show irregular breathing, and even systemic muscle spasm.

4. Metabolic disorder

Due to respiratory cycle dysfunction, hypoxia, anaerobic metabolism, and acidic products accumulation, acidosis may occur.

When your loved ones have the above situation, hurry up to accompany them. This may be their last "struggle" and the end of the fate between you.

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