How did you find that you are pregnant?Netizen: I added coriander from me to eat noodles.

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Some time ago, my girlfriend came to me for dinner. From the moment she sat down, I felt wrong.A person who is usually refreshing and sharp, now the actions of sitting down and eating have become less sharp, and from time to time, they have no appetite.I asked casually, "Aren’t you pregnant?" She shook her head "how is it possible."As a result, my girlfriend called after returning home, saying that I was a prophet. She bought a pregnancy test stick and tested it, and she was really pregnant!

If you ask a woman who has experienced fertility, how do they find that they are pregnant, ten or nine are like girlfriends, not they feel it, but it is seen by others.Once a netizen said that he always hated the taste of coriander and never eaten coriander. As a result, he went to the cafeteria with colleagues at noon, and unconsciously pinched a lot of coriander in his ramen bowl.Her colleague looked at her stunned, and she was still unaware.After returning to the company, colleagues laughed at her, and a elder sister told her that "it was pregnant if you checked".She wondered what it had to do with coriander. As a result, she checked and two bars.

A girlfriend said that he had an accident that he had a second child and was discovered by the boss.At that time, Dabao said in front of everyone, "There is a little brother in the mother’s belly." Girlfriend thought that her daughter wanted her brother and wanted her brother. She didn’t want a second child.As a result, the people around him persuaded her to talk about her children and let her test it.As a result, I was really pregnant, and finally gave birth to a boy.Why did her daughter predict so accurate and she didn’t understand it so far.

Of course, many people have no experience in pregnancy, and some pregnancy symptoms are not easy to find.If you use the symptoms of pregnancy, you will be bad if you take medicine.If your body has the following changes, you have to consider whether you are pregnant.

Taste suddenly changes

After pregnancy, estrogen will rise. Under the action of hormones, pregnant women will secrete a glycoprotein called HCG, which will inhibit the activity of digestive enzymes, which will affect the desire for food.

No matter if you never eat sour but suddenly want to eat sour, or you have no appetite, you want to eat vegetables; or like that netizen from the food that the netizen does not like to eat, it becomes the food.The sudden change of changes means that you may be pregnant.

Stomach discomfort

Many expectant mothers have symptoms of bloating and nausea in the early pregnancy, which is also related to the secretion of HCG.It can reduce gastric acid secretion, so that the digestion of food in the stomach becomes slow, and symptoms such as gastric cramps and appetite will appear.

There are obvious symptoms of colds

In the early stages of pregnancy, it will also be accompanied by dizziness, fatigue, mental weakness, etc. This is similar to the symptoms of a cold. Many expectant mothers have taken cold medicine because of this.Influence.

If you encounter this situation, and you also have a pregnancy plan, it is recommended to check whether you are pregnant and then take other relief measures.

Netizens, how do you find that you are pregnant?Let me share with you the journey of mind!


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