How difficult is the nurse’s "good pregnancy"?

Last year, the country was open to three babies, encouraged fertility, and discussed the top of major forums.When I saw the news, I felt mixed in my heart. Aside from the economy and energy cost of raising children, as a nurse, pregnancy was upset.In the eyes of outsiders, we are professionals, and we are preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, production, and care, which is much easier than others.

The fact is that in an environment like a hospital, it is not so easy. For the reason, please listen to me one by one:

1. Stay up late, the third class reverse system

The three classes of the nurse work are enough to consume energy. At least one round of night shifts every week. Most people have boiled in a few years, and their physique declines. "I feel that the body is hollowed out."And fertility requires a good physical background. The regular work and rest and diet are a luxury for nurses. The principle of "eugenics and eugenics" understands, but it is subject to objective conditions.

What is even more helpless is that after pregnancy, I was still asked to stay up late as soon as before pregnancy. Many colleagues because of the unstable fetal fetus before pregnancy, and staying up late, they are a threatened abortion.Lost the child, which is a huge blow to any woman.With the pregnancy, I endure the pregnancy, and I was busy in the ward late at night. It was not until 7 months that I couldn’t stay up late. Some patients couldn’t bear this scene.If it is a night shift of Shuanggang, and someone is lining. If it is a person, think about that moment, a pregnant woman who is most needed to care for is the anxiety and passive.Still one -handed ECG monitoring and pumping pumping forward. If the patient is guarded, but he cannot protect your child. Such a sacrifice, this greatness, can bear it.

Second, ubiquitous rays

The hospital’s environment is actually not conducive to pregnant women. Not to mention that people come and go through bacteria everywhere. Maybe the patients you take over are tuberculosis or AIDS, but you have no choice but to conscientiously treat them seriously.We can protect ourselves in some infectious diseases, but sometimes the rays in the hospital can sometimes avoid it.For example, when a critical patient is a CT, when a nurse must have a nurse to take care for patients who have been radiation in particles, they must receive patients who have just finished PET-CT … We cannot wear heavy lead clothes like a doctor in the radiology department.In this way, we could not implement care, knowing how many pregnant women and nurses had to contact, while we were in a drum, while secretly praying that the rays would not hurt the baby.

In addition to rays, there are chemotherapy drugs.Nurses in the Department of Oncology should be the most appreciated. Some hospitals have better hardware conditions. There are special configuration warehouses for chemotherapy drugs, and some can only be configured in the general treatment room.Drug particles, we can’t see it with the naked eye. Many times, we only deceive ourselves and comfort ourselves.

Third, intense doctor -patient relationship

This is a common talk. Although most people are now reasonable, they can understand the hard work of medical staff, and even often express sympathy for nurses who are still on duty.However, it is still a lot of unreasonable "Diaomin", which makes popularity as "anger".The importance of emotional stability to pregnant women is self -evident. When raising tires, we require us to "open their eyes and close their eyes".EssenceSo the inner contradiction or the conflict of facts occur.Faced with unreasonable requirements, the accusations of chopping their heads, pregnant women must learn to take a deep breath and constantly persuade themselves to "not be angry". They have doubled their grievances, but they are crying unconsciously.It can only be said that it is really difficult.

Fourth, endless exams, meetings, meetings

The heavy work, complex interpersonal relationships have exhausted the nurse.However, the nursing department will not give you a chance to breathe. Continuous morning meetings, small lectures, examinations, and science meetings, turns to bomb, ready to finish small lectures, you must prepare for the housing, do the operation and assessment of the room …One day, the nurses were awake and the time in their dreams were patients and all exams. Who knows this sadness?

After the nurse is on duty, you have to worry about all kinds of examinations and inspection rooms when you return home.How to get a good rest?It is said that medical staff is safe to be safe.Due to the changes in hormones and body, pregnant women have decreased their reactive effects, and sleep demand is greater. If they cannot get a good rest, medical staff and patients may be at the edge of "medical accidents", which is a dangerous situation for both sides.

Saying this is because medical staff’s pregnancy and birth children are simply experiencing "1981 difficulties."If the hospital can improve the system of protecting and caring for pregnancy nurses, such as not going to night shifts for 3 months before pregnancy, establishing a pregnant woman’s Guan Ai Group, etc., employees will better use their professional and professional spirit to return to the hospital.

Most of the collectives of the nurse are women, and they all know the difficulty of fertility. Girls Help Girls. If the hospital and the system cannot protect us, we must unite, protect ourselves, and take care of each other.

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