How do I find myself pregnant?Netizens’ answers are simply the source of happiness today

Regarding how to judge whether a person is pregnant, many people have an inherent impression that early pregnancy reactions: vomiting, nausea, etc. Many women are also affected by these cognition.Light, it is difficult to detect.

The following is the three situations adapted from the real experience of netizens to see how interesting people find that they are pregnant!

The netizen said that at the time, the B -ultrasound of the fake B -ultrasound was a prank. Normal B -ultrasound should be the image of black and white fertilized eggs or the developed fetal image, but this fake B -ultrasound is an Austrian Austrian Austrian.Teman.

This netizen also intends to use this fake B -ultrasound to show her lover. She wants to know her performance. As a result, her husband is serious. The two did not find that the aunt was late for a week, and then the lover pulled away.Checking confirmed that he was really pregnant.I accidentally bumped, I did not expect to receive a real B -ultrasound this time.

The old saying often says that the sour girl is that if the pregnant person likes to eat sour, it means that the fetus is a man, and those who like spicy food indicate that the fetus is a girl, but this is also confirmed that there is no scientific basis.

It is estimated that this netizen also thought so. I liked spicy food. As a result, the taste was even more spicy in recent times.Until her husband brought back the spicy duck neck again to her husband, she said: Sour as a hot girl, if you are pregnant, you will definitely be a girl.

This reminds the netizen’s various changes in the near future and the aunt who has been postponed for half a month before realizing that he might be pregnant. When he arrived at the hospital, he was in the hospital.What can you say, you can only say that the heart of food is really big!

The above two netizens did not find that they were pregnant in time, but anyway, I finally discovered the first one.But the experience of this netizen was strange. She was the first to discover that others might get pregnant, oh!This netizen is not a doctor, but a masseur.

When netizens do massage for a female customer, the customer mentioned that recently she has always had backache and back pain, and her stomach is always uncomfortable, so she wants to press it.

When they were doing massage care, they talked about the female customer intending to ask for a child. At that time, the netizen felt that things were not simple, so he proposed that he would not massage his abdomen and told the lady to get pregnant.Don’t believe it, and say it’s okay, then press.

In order to prevent netizens in case they proposed to go to the pharmacy to buy early pregnancy testing, I did n’t expect it to be a two -bar.Fortunately, the netizen was keen and insisted on testing, otherwise the fetus would be dangerous.

After reading these experiences, you can only say one thing: Be careful!Since there are no contraceptive measures, it is easy to achieve "life". Don’t think that only nausea and vomiting are signs of pregnancy. If you have any discomfort in your body, you have to be more vigilant, otherwise it will be too dangerous.

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