How do pregnant mothers find umbilical cord around the neck?Abnormal bleeding is a prompt signal

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[Basic Information] Female, 31 years old

【Disease Type】 Umbilical cord around the neck

【Treatment Hospital】 Huangshi Central Hospital

[Treatment Plan] Clicporant section of the uterine section+hand placenta+antibiotic prevention infection+related treatment for promoting uterine contraction

[Treatment cycle] 5 days of hospitalization.

[Treatment effect] Treatment, mother and child are safe.

With the help of his husband, the patient held his waist and walked into the clinic with his right hand. The two looked tense, the patient was obvious, and sat down slowly with the help of the husband.

His husband said with a nervous expression: "Doctor, my daughter -in -law said that she found a small amount of blood bleeding in the vagina this morning?" At this time, the patient also said that this was her fourth time.The caesarean section was born once, and then aborted twice. The children couldn’t stay. They wanted this child. This time, it was difficult to go to the 39th week. There would be no special circumstances.I told them not to be so nervous. Isn’t this the hospital, and nervousness is more unfavorable to the baby.

Ask the patient to know that the menstrual rules are equally menstrual, and there are no abnormalities in the regular check -ups. There is no obvious cause of a small amount of vaginal bleeding this morning without obvious causes. There is no abdominal distension and no vaginal fluid.

Patients are now dying, and the second is normal. The abdomen is raised in pregnancy, soft abdomen, no tenderness and reflection pain, 150 times/min in the fetal heart rate, no contraction.Patients’ ultrasonic examination shows that the "U" signs can be seen in the posterior neck of the fetus.

Combined with the description, physical examination and ultrasound results of the patient, the preliminary diagnosis of the patient is umbilical cord around the neck. In order to further clarify the severity of the diagnosis and judge the disease, let the patient do the perineal ultrasound scan.One week.

After admission, improve the relevant preoperative examination and communicate with the patients and their families. At present, the cesarean section is the most suitable. Patients and family members agree to surgery and sign the informed consent., Ping An’s 3900G baby boy.This surgery needs to cut the gym of the bladder peritoneal to reflection and push down the bladder to expose the lower section of the uterine before cutting the palace wall to get the baby, so the operation is more complicated.This surgical method should be adopted when deciding to bind a cesarean section.

1. Keep emotional stability and maintain a better mood.

2. Fully trust the doctor, and actively cooperate with the doctor to improve the relevant examination to clear the diagnosis as soon as possible.

3. After surgery, we should apply antibiotics to prevent infection.

After the cesarean section of the uterine section and the placenta, the patient successfully gave birth to a 3900g baby boy. The mother and child were safe. There were a little vaginal bleeding, no odor, and there were three fingers below the bottom of the palace. The rest was not obviously uncomfortable.

Tell patients to pay more attention to rest, balance diet, and ensure nutritional supply. If abdominal pain, fever and other discomfort come to the hospital for treatment in time, it is necessary to strict contraception for one and a half years.

1. Pregnant women should regularly check for early discovery problems and solve them as soon as possible.

2. Keep a happy mood during pregnancy, which is good for your baby’s health.

3. Pay attention to rest after pregnancy and exercise appropriately.

The umbilical cord around the neck is one of the more common diseases of obstetrics and gynecology. It refers to the baby’s umbilical cord wrapped around the fetus’s neck. The more common clinical is a week around the neck and shows "U" in the ultrasound.Generally, special treatment is needed, but some are more serious, leading to fetal respiratory distress, you need to seek medical treatment in time. In severe cases, you need to terminate your pregnancy.

The patient in the text is a 31 -year -old mother.There was a history of cesarean section and a history of miscarriage. This time, there was no obvious cause of the occurrence of vaginal bleeding at 39 weeks of menopause.After 39 weeks of menopause, comprehensive factors, we have chose the best plan after communicating with patients and family members, that is, cesarean section in the uterine section, and after surgery, the mother and child are safe.

Regarding the cause of the umbilical cord around the neck, there is no clear conclusion. There are many medical problems. At present, there is no clear reason. This is an abnormal umbilical cord. In clinical practice, we should be checked on time.In your own health, you should go to the Tanjia Hospital in time if you find abnormalities.

Name: Zhang Yinxing

Unit: Huangshi Central Hospital

Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Title: Deputy Chief Physician

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