How do you know that you are pregnant?There are so many methods of pregnancy testing!But this is the most reliable

Which of the following illusions of the old drivers who are fighting for the "frontline of pregnancy"?

My body is growing: I must be pregnant!

Triggea upstairs: I must be pregnant!

There is something in my stomach: I must be pregnant!

I think fish and meat are not delicious: I must be pregnant!

Auntie was delayed: I must be pregnant!

The aunt was still here: I must be infertility!

After the old driver for pregnancy, after "applauding" each other, did you particularly want to know exactly whether the baby is not successful in BIU?When can I know whether there is a beautiful pulse at the earliest?In fact, these are basic courses for pregnancy. Today, I invite you to calm down to listen to the baby editors to avoid low -level errors in the future drag racing process ~

The baby editor of the family told the old driver a truth, that is, after the egg sperm is successful, the synthetic nourishing cells will begin to secrete HCG, that is, the human chorion’s membrane to promote glandular hormones.The hormone composed of protein, this hormone that originally existed in blood and urine will fluctuate due to pregnancy and weeks, so HCG tests blood tests and urine tests.The blood test is more accurate than the urine test. It can be measured for one week after successful fertilization. The urine test is generally tested from 10 to 14 days.

However, the 1 week I said here is the earliest one week, and the latest may be measured in about 3 weeks.The problem of detection accuracy is also related to the detection method, operation correctness, and physical quality.

1. Auntie

Accuracy: ☆

The first naked eye to see the body is sensible to the naked eye -the aunt who arrived at that time did not come!If the aunt is normal, but the aunt will not come for a week, then the chance of winning the prize is existing.Of course, the aunt is very sensitive. Irregular menstruation, mental depression, physical diseases, excessive fatigue, malnutrition, improper medication, etc. are the reasons that may cause the aunt to delay.Therefore, it is not entirely reliable to use aunt to defeat.

2. Early pregnancy symptoms

Accuracy: ☆

If you have some performances such as dizziness, drowsiness, no strength, bad appetite, hate greasy, nausea and nausea, are your first reaction -? I have it?Indeed, these are symptoms of early pregnancy, but these situations occur in the body’s discomfort or disease. Therefore, once you occur, go to the hospital for diagnosis, whether it is pregnancy or physical function.

3. Body temperature examination

Accuracy: ☆

The old driver must know that the body temperature before and after ovulation is different, and if you are pregnant, your body temperature will change.Generally speaking, the body temperature before the ovulation period is below 36.5 degrees, and the body temperature will rise by about 0.3 ~ 0.6 degrees after ovulation, and such a high temperature period will last 12 to 16 days.If there is no pregnancy during this period, then the temperature will fall back to the previous body temperature; if you are pregnant, the body temperature will continue to sing all the way.Therefore, after 18 days of body temperature, it is still high, so it is likely to be pregnant.

4. Pregnancy test stick (paper)

Accuracy: ☆☆

Old drivers are definitely not unfamiliar, and major pharmacies are sold.Judging by checking urine, the test results are positive.How to know if the result is positive?It’s very simple. Look at the two bars of C and T. As long as the T bang is thick line, regardless of the C bar is thick or thin, the result is already pregnant.Friendly reminder, if you find that there is no line above, it is not successful, you need to come again ~

5. Blood examination

Accuracy: ☆☆☆

I said before that blood tests are more sensitive and accurate than the results of urine examination.After the old driver was discontinued, he detected pregnancy at home. When you wanted to further determine it, he had to go to the hospital for HCG examination, and the blood test could be carried out earlier than the urine test.Therefore, the blood HCG examination is the earliest way to accurately test the pregnancy test.Old J needs to say here that old drivers who have confident honey in the pregnancy test method must go to the hospital for the final confirmation to judge that internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.

6. B -ultrasound

Accuracy: ☆☆☆☆☆

In terms of accuracy, no one can win the B -ultrasound, but the waiting time is the longest.If the aunt is normal, about a month after menopause, the old driver who is successful in pregnancy can see the pregnancy sac, that is, the glittering halo on the B -ultrasound, the germ and fetal heart can be seen at the latest of the 40 days.Of course, this is not absolute. The germ must be as long as 2mm to see the original fetal heartbeat.In addition, in general, the vaginal B ultrasound can see the pregnancy sac 3 to 7 days in advance than the B -ultrasound.

I said so much about it, and the baby Xiaobian at home knocked on a blackboard. Whether it was preparing for pregnancy or contraception, the time and way of understanding the pregnancy test were to protect the old driver’s own revolutionary capital.

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There are babies at home. The scientific gestation of science and gestation, pay attention to us, be a happy pregnant mother together, and share bits and bit of raising the road.

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