How do you know that you are pregnant, do you have these symptoms?

Many women are not very clear about whether they are pregnant, because the signs of pregnancy at the beginning are not very obvious, but if you want to know if you are pregnant as soon as possible, you can use some small methods. Let me tell you how to judge whether you have already been in.With a baby?

Test at home

Active pregnancy test at home is often not enough for family pregnancy test testing, so you cannot find pregnancy. Basically, it will take a week.Therefore, if you decide to take pregnancy testing measures, it is best to try pregnancy testing again in the next few days.If you have the same result a few times, then it is best to consult a doctor.

The body temperature continues to be high

Your temperature is high. If you measure your body temperature every day and notice that the temperature has continued to be high for 18 days, then there may be a baby.

Menstruation does not come

If your menstruation does not come, if your menstruation is always regular, but it is not timely, then there is a sign of such signs, it is best to do a pregnancy test when you find something.However, if your menstruation is usually not regular enough, and you are not used to tracking your cycle. If you feel that you have nausea, breast pain, and frequent urination before the menstruation comes, it may also indicate that you are pregnant.

Frequent urination

Frequent urination after having a baby, you may notice that you frequently go to the toilet.What is the reason? The main reason is that the blood and other liquids in the body increased during pregnancy, and then the additional fluid flows to the bladder through your kidneys for this reason.This situation starts at almost six weeks to three months of pregnancy. At the same time, it will continue to deteriorate with the increase of the baby’s additional pressure on your bladder with the time of pregnancy.

Dislike food

Some people who are disgusted with food have always said that they want to eat some foods when they are pregnant, but they also hate some food.If you notice food you originally liked, but now you are completely disgusted.And this feeling will be repeated many times during pregnancy.

More sensitive to odor

It is more sensitive to odor. This is a very common phenomenon of expectant mothers who just have babies. They will feel that sandwiches, coffee or some special odors are very annoying, and then vomit.Add a side effect quickly in your body.

Nausea or vomiting

If you are nausea or vomiting, if you have no trouble in the morning vomiting like a lot of women, until about one pregnancy (some expectant mothers may be spared from pregnancy).However, there are many women who will feel stomach discomfort earlier earlier.At the same time, not only in the morning, nausea and vomiting related to pregnancy will appear at any time in the day.The pregnancy of almost half of the expectant mothers will be relieved during the second pregnancy.At the same time, some expectant mothers may take another month to reduce symptoms.

Vaginal bleeding

Some expectant mothers with vaginal bleeding will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding after about 11 or 12 days of pregnancy (almost at this time you may find the omissions of menstruation).The reason for bleeding is that the fertilized eggs enter the place where your uterine blood circulation is abundant. In the case, it is six days after fertilization, but it is not very accurate.This bleeding is very small (presented as a red dot or pink or reddish -brown dye), and it is only one or two days.(If you find any symptoms of bleeding, it is best to look at the doctor, especially when they are accompanied by pain, this may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy).

Feel tired

Fatigue suddenly feels tired and is not fatigue.Increased progesterone hormone in expectant mothers and the pressure of your body to suffer, will feel particularly accurate after one day of work.You will start to feel energetic during the second pregnancy. Although it is fatigue, this sense of fatigue will be more obvious during the third pregnancy.

Breast pain

Sensitive, a early sign of breast swelling is sensitive caused by the increasing increase of hormones, and breast swelling and pain.This situation is a bit like the exaggerated version of your chest pain before your menstruation comes.With your body’s adaptation to hormones, uncomfortable feelings will significantly decrease after the first pregnancy.

I am pregnant! When you know that there is a small life in your body, you will be the most memorable surprise in your life.The happiness and hopes of followers will make you full of longing for future days.At this time, you will be more cautious than ever, and even the basic clothing, food, housing and transportation is full of questions.But don’t worry, as long as the baby can feel your love for him, everything can be taken slowly …

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