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Women who are in fertility age may be pregnant.Women who maintain a normal sex after marriage will not take contraceptive measures, and about 85 % of people will get pregnant during the year. They know that they are pregnant as soon as possible, prepare as soon as possible, and have a positive significance for maternal and infants.The following is the method of "diagnosis" of women’s self -diagnosis:

1. Menstruation stop

If the menstruation has always been regular, once it does not come, it is more than 10 days, and the possibility of pregnancy should be considered. This is the earlier signal of pregnancy. The longer the expiration time, the greater the possibility of pregnancy.

2. Early pregnancy reaction

After menopause, pregnant women will gradually feel some abnormal phenomena, called early pregnancy reactions.The reaction that appeared in the same way is to be afraid of cold, and gradually feel tired in the future, lethargic, dizziness, loss of appetite, picky eaters, like to eat sour food, afraid of smelling greasy taste, get up early nausea, even vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, burnout, etc.symptom.

3. Frequent urine

As the uterus gradually increases after pregnancy, the number of urination is increased.But there is no symptoms of urinary urgency and pain in urinary tract infection.

4. Breast change

Breast development, increased nipples, nipples, and areolas deepen, small nodules around the nipples, even breast tingling, pain, and occasionally squeezed a small amount of milk.

5. Pigmentation

Some women can be manifested as tan pigmentation on the face and the middle of the abdomen after pregnancy.

6. Basic body temperature rises

When some of the above symptoms occur, the basic body temperature can be determined daily, and the basic body temperature of the pregnant person can often rise.

Some of the performances listed above are only some symptoms that occur in early pregnancy.When I suspect that I might be pregnant, they should go to the hospital for obstetrics and gynecology.

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