How does pregnant women motion sickness affect the fetus?

Some pregnant women have the habit of motion sickness before pregnancy. After pregnancy, they are affected by early pregnancy reactions. The motion sickness will become more serious, especially when smelling irritating gasoline, it will exacerbate the symptoms of nausea and vomiting.Pregnant women’s motion sickness can be relieved by some tips.

What to do with motion sickness in pregnant women

1. Prepare a piece of fresh ginger.Put the fresh ginger slices in your hand while driving, and put it under the nostril at any time, so that the spicy taste is inhaled into the nose.You can also fix it on the navel on the navel.

2. Eat some light foods before taking the car. It is best not to eat eggs or dairy products; you can also prepare some plums, olives, etc. to eat in the car. After getting in the car, you can constantly eat fruits, cucumber and other snacks.

3. After getting on the car, look at the distance, try to look at the nearby objects as little as possible, and avoid looking at the scenes moved outside the window. Especially when the car is downhill, pay attention to the handrails and slow down the impact of inertia on internal organs.

4. Take a car to try to sleep in front of the car as much as possible to reduce the activity of the head. It is best to rely on the head on the back of the chair to keep your eyes closed. Pay attention to the ventilation of stricter cars, which is conducive to preventing motion sickness.Phenomenon.

5. Pregnant women who want to go out the next day should pay attention to rest. When the sleep is poor or overworked, it is also prone to motion sickness. If you are full or hungry, you will increase the motion sickness response.

6. Many pregnant women eat motion sickness before pregnancy to prevent motion sickness, but after pregnancy, pregnant women have safety problems. Clinically, unless pregnant women must be used, they generally do not advocate medication, especially taking motion sickness drugs.

Generally speaking, pregnant women with motion sickness habits are not recommended to go out in early pregnancy, because early pregnancy reactions will increase the symptoms of motion sickness.

Does motion sickness affect the fetus?

If you go away during pregnancy, for pregnant women who are originally used to motion sickness, it is inevitable to suffer from motion sickness.General motion sickness does not cause harm to the fetus, but if nausea and vomiting are very serious, and even in the whole drive, it is not good for pregnant women and fetuses. Severe vomiting will not only make pregnant women very uncomfortable, but also cause the body to lack water and electrolytes.Disorders, etc., are not conducive to the fetus’s absorption of nutrition, and pregnant mothers are too fatigue and aggravate the fetus.

Therefore, pregnant women with severe motion sickness, it is best to avoid taking cars for a long time during pregnancy.

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