How does the uterine effusion cause?Do you need treatment to check the uterine effusion?

The uterine effusion is also known as uterine effusion, and the clinical incidence is not high.What many people do not know is that patients with uterine effusion of different ages can be caused by different reasons, and they need to distinguish between physiological effusion and pathological effusion.

How does the uterine effusion cause?

The first position is in the uterine cavity, so the upper side of the palace corner fallopian tube may be the source of the fallopian tube secretion; the following is connected to the cervical tube, which may be the source of the cervical tube mucosa secretion;, It may be secreted by the endometrium function layer, or uterine endometrial lesions such as polyps, hyperplasia, predatic lesions or endometrium cancer; the uterine cavity formed a scar diverticulum due to cesarean section, and discharged from the bottom of the cervical blood from the bottom of the uterus to the cervix to the cervix from the bottom of the uterus to the cervix to the cervix.There are more grooves on the road, so they intercepted some menstrual blood to form a effusion; in addition, there may be foreign bodies, such as the inner inner biochemical device, also known as the inner ring of the palace.After the abortion or during the Qing Dynasty, pregnancy tissue residues, etc.

Then there is the nature of the effusion: if the tubal, endometrium, and acute inflammation of cervicitis are caused by pale yellow or purulent effusion; if it is cancerous in the above three parts, it may be bloody; if it is a foreign body, it is a foreign body; if it is a foreign body, Physical inflammation may be pale yellow secretions; if it is residual for pregnancy tissue material and related to the residual size, in general, vaginal bleeding may occur, and some people have no symptoms.After the uterine cavity is operated or after giving birth, the uterine recovery of the uterus is poor, the uterine smooth muscle contraction function is not good, and the uterine cavity effusion may occur.

There is also a menopause endometrium atrophy, uterine atrophy, asymptomatic uterine effusion, etc., and other rare reasons.

Do I need to treat the uterine effusion?

This type of disease of physiological effusion usually occurs before and after female friends ovulation. At this time, because the endometrium of women has changed the secretion period, there are many glands.The products secreted by the gonads may cause a physiological effusion by the uterine cavity.However, the physiological effusion can generally disappear by themselves, so everyone does not need to deal with special treatment.

In addition, the rest is basically pathological effusion, which needs to be treated with primary onset.For patients with uterine effusion and small abdominal pain, at this time, the result of pelvic inflammatory disease is often affected by pelvic inflammatory disease. Because the area of its pelvic cavity is large, and inflammation may affect the patient’s peritoneum, it is necessary to treat it as soon as possible.Cooperate with surgical treatment when necessary.

Examination found that there is a uterine effusion. You should go to the gynecological treatment as early as possible to conduct necessary gynecological routine examinations. After clearing the cause, the uterine effusion is treated accordingly.

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