How is stretch marks formed?Doctor: It’s related to the face value, the mothers who are pregnant for the first time to understand

If you ask what the pregnant mothers are most afraid of, there will be a answer: stretch marks!After the long line, I basically say goodbye to the navel installation, bikini …

As a pregnant mother who has successfully landed, I will organize my method to share with everyone today, hoping to help Baoma who is troubled by stretch marks!

Principles of stretch marks:

Medical speaking, stretch marks are a type of atrophy. They are guided by hormones during pregnancy and rapid hyperplasia of local skin. Skin fiber breaks are red, white or purple stripes.Hip, lumbosacral and other parts.

To put it simply, the baby has risen too fast, and the stomach is opened!

How to prevent dilute stretch marks:

1. Exercise more, maintain the body’s spirit and lightness, help expand the skin, and increase the elasticity of the skin:

Enhanced collagen fiber by diet: The main common collagen/protein content of diet is high, and eat more fish, shrimp, lean meat, etc. every day.

If you have conditions, you can eat more deep -sea fish. The collagen content contained in it is very high. You can also eat more fruits with high Vitamin C and vitamin E content. Although it cannot be added directly, it can promote synthesis;

2. Pay attention to controlling weight. The weight gain during pregnancy is normal. Be sure to control the amount of body fat:

3. Keep your skin moisturizing, you can buy some products that prevent stretch marks. You must pay attention to the ingredients. You can refer to the figure below ~

Share a few pro -testing products that are effective and safely prevent stretch marks. You can try it with confidence.

Tender Folic acid Wheel Essence Milk

The brand of Nenfu is mainly for maternal and infant products, professional, efficient, and safe brand concepts. The ingredients are safe, beautiful in the green, 0 fragrance, 0 preservatives, and 0 hormones add, and the ingredients have been securely certified in the United States.You can rest assured and boldly, don’t step on the thunder!Very trustworthy ~

This essence of his family is mainly to prevent repairing stretch marks and soothing dry itching.The main component is the substance that can effectively repair stretch marks such as Clampstroke extract, folic acid (low -active and pure, stable and safe).

The texture of the essence milk is like ice cream, refreshing and not sticky, rubbing on the hand and rubbing, apply it to the belly, and massage it to completely penetrate and absorb it. After that, the skin is moisturizing and cool as it is filled with water.Persist in applying it for a while, the original long lines did not continue to spread outward, the color of the naked eye was much lighter, and the little red dot disappeared a lot.

Clarins Poetry Care Oil

The main component of this oil is European hazelnut oil and geranium flower seed oil, which can moisturize the skin and relieve the dryness of the skin. The main effect is to improve the repair and resistance of our skin.

It also contains vitamin A and E, which can play the effect of firming skin to enhance skin elasticity and toughness.The texture of the oil is usually thick, the skin feels very oily, and this taste is also very large. Sisters with severe pregnancy should choose carefully!

After all, this care oil is added with rosemary essential oils, but essential oils belong to pregnant women with caution, so it is not recommended for sisters with sensitive skin during pregnancy.

Freiol Fulai Oil

This price is still more cost -effective, and the evaluation of the assessment of massage oil in a book in a book is not bad. The bottle mouth has a control plug. If the amount is taken, it is very good.too much!

The ingredients added inside are quite natural, including chamomile, lotus oil, wheat germ oil, and hemp oil, 4 natural ingredients, and can also tighten the skin at the same time.In addition, Victoria E can be added to nourish the skin in depth to achieve the moisturizing effect.

The texture of this family is very thin and thin, and the absorption speed is OK. There is no taste. I personally think it is better to drop ~

There are so many products I have used during pregnancy. I think it is better to have a better lotion if I feel that it is better to absorb it. It is recommended that you try the two models of childbirth and tenderness.It is also safer;

4. Balanced diet, reduce sugar and fat intake, strengthen pregnancy exercise, and control weight:

In the case of permitted during pregnancy, you can do a proper exercise, such as walking for half an hour after meals, and do some pregnant women’s yoga movements on station B or Keep.

On the one hand, it can help control weight, so as not to support stretch marks because of Tai Fei; on the other hand, it can also make the skin more flexible, improve the tolerance of skin fiber, and it is not so easy to grow stretch marks.

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