How long can I get pregnant with pregnancy test sticks?Doctor: It doesn’t take half a month, this time is OK

If you ask mothers with experience in pregnancy: How did you find pregnancy?That answer must be a variety of!Especially women with unstable menstrual cycle, it is difficult to determine whether they are pregnant through menstrual period, and even when the stomach is getting bigger, it is found that the little angel has been settled.Indeed, in the initial stage of pregnancy, the body has not changed much.

Even if everyone is familiar with the performance of pregnancy and weakness, it will not appear early.Generally, the symptoms of early pregnancy will gradually appear when the symptoms of early pregnancy are more than 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, and according to the different physique of the pregnant mother, the early pregnancy response is different. Even some people have no abnormalities in the early pregnancy.At this time, it is necessary to test it with the help of tools, and the "pregnancy test stick" is the first choice for everyone.

Many people think that as long as they can test whether they are pregnant by testing the pregnancy inspection stick within a few days after the same room, but in fact, this approach is not correct!

From a scientific point of view, women with normal menstrual cycles usually enter the ovulation period 14 days before the next menstruation arrives.At this time, there is a greater chance of combining sperm and eggs for sexual life without contraceptive measures.However, when the sperm and eggs are successfully combined into fertilized eggs, it does not mean that the beginning of pregnancy is not the beginning of the fertilized eggs that it belongs to the real pregnancy.

Generally, it takes about 4 days to reach the uterus, and it takes about 3 days to successfully bed.At this time, the level of hormone in the body began to change, especially "human chorionic gonadotropin" began to secrete. This is a hormone that exists in women’s blood and urine. It clinically referred to as HCG, it is to determine whether it is successful for pregnancy.Important sign.

The so -called pregnancy test stick is to test the HCG level in the body, so it is usually about 11 days after menopause. You can test whether you are pregnant.

In this case, can the detection data of the pregnancy test be fully believed?

First of all, to ensure whether you have used your pregnancy inspection stick reasonably!When the menstrual cycle exceeds 10 days, the pregnancy test stick can be performed, but because it is still at the stage of fertilized eggs, it is best to choose morning urine for testing, because after one night of sleep adjustmentThe HCG level in morning urine is higher, and the test results are more accurate.

However, although the pregnancy test stick is a more scientific way of examination, the pregnancy test stick is not 100%accurate.If you want to determine whether you are pregnant again, you should go to the hospital for a blood HCG examination in about 20 days after menopause, so as to be completely determined whether it is pregnancy.

If the pregnancy test stick was repeatedly tested, it was always displayed as a bar, but the aunt was not delayed. This may be related to the disorders of menstruation, which is related to factors such as the impact of lifestyle habits and gynecological diseases.Women can wait quietly for a few days, and then perform pregnancy test paper tests again. If there is no pregnancy signal, medical examination is necessary in time.

In addition, the pregnancy test stick is just the first screening. In addition to the blood testing, women cannot ignore the early "B -ultrasound" inspection.Whether it is intrauterine pregnancy.Generally, in about 5 weeks after menopause, you can observe it through B -ultrasound.

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