How long can I test it if I did n’t “harm the joy”?3 pregnancy test methods, maybe you can try it

Introduction: How long can I test it if I did n’t “harm the joy”?3 pregnancy test methods, maybe you can try it

Many couples who are preparing for pregnancy want to be detected when preparing for pregnancy. In this way, they can make some preparations early. This is also a problem that many women who are preparing for pregnancy. How long can they be measured after pregnancy?If you go to the hospital for examination every time you are transported, it is actually very troublesome, so you want to know that a more accurate time is a problem that a lot of people care about.How long can I test for pregnancy test?

First of all, the first question we answer is how long the pregnancy can be detected. In fact, pregnancy is a process of sperm and eggs after the fallopian tube encountered, and then forming an essential egg.There will be some changes in the body, especially hormone levels. This change is actually very obvious, and the content of HC G in the blood will also change a series of changes, which is what we checked when we went to the hospital for examination.When the hormone changes of chorionic gonad hormones, it is actually easy to detect, so in 7 to 10 days after successful conception, you can determine whether the pregnancy is successful according to the changes in the HCG content in the body.

Let ’s solve the second question. What methods can be quickly tested whether it is pregnant. In fact, people use more in daily life to use early pregnancy test strips to detect whether it is pregnant. In fact, if this method is used,You can choose to detect it with early pregnancy test strips after discovering the delay of menstruation for about 5 to 7 days. If two red bars appear on the early pregnancy test paper, it means that the pregnancy preparation has been successful.

In the end, there is also a tips in the end, that is, you can choose to use the changes in body temperature to detect. When you prepare for pregnancy, you can properly measure your body temperature. If the body temperature of the back is significantly increased by 0.5 ° C, it may be successfulA signal of pregnancy.

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