How long can there be intercourse after the drug abortion?To leave this period of "empty window period"

With the increase of social pressure and the acceleration of life rhythm, women will face great pressure after pregnancy. Some people will have to kill their children because of no fertility conditions.At present, the flow of drugs is relatively fast and less painful than that of people. Postoperative patients can invest and learn quickly, so many people choose the drug flow.The drug flow refers to the use of rice non -ketone tablets to terminate early pregnancy orally, and has been widely used in clinical clinical in recent years.Generally speaking, women need to be carefully maintained for a while after the drug flow.

The lubricant of the husband and wife in harmonious sexual life, but it is not advisable to have the same room immediately after abortion.Female reproductive organs can be divided into two parts internal and external. Under normal circumstances, women’s reproductive organs themselves can prevent pathogens from entering the inside.However, after the abortion of the drug, the natural epidemic prevention capacity of the reproductive system was destroyed.

Within two weeks after miscarriage, the lochia was clean, and the endometrial injury was not fully recovered. At this time, the uterine mouth was relaxed, the endometrium dropped off, and the local defense ability decreased.If the same room is premature, it is easy to bring bacteria into the vagina and cause retrograde infections, and cause pelvic inflammatory inflammatory inflammation such as endometritis and attachment inflammation. In severe cases, infertility can cause infertility.

Clinically, it is generally recommended not to have sex within 1-2 months after the drug flow.Therefore, the same room is prohibited within one month after the drug flow.After abortion, women’s uterus is slowly recovering. Premature sexual behaviors can easily cause reproductive system infections, and tubal tubes severely blockage affect pregnancy.Of course, in order to ensure that the health of the uterus is not affected, women can go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound in the same room.Make sure that there are no embryo residues in the uterine cavity, and the uterus has returned to normal. At this time, the same room can be properly used, but pay attention to personal hygiene and frequency.

It is recommended that women take a two weeks of rest after abortion, pay attention to strengthening nutrition, pay attention to rest, and avoid fatigue.After 15 days of drug abortion, it is recommended to go to the hospital to review the B -ultrasound to see if the abortion is complete.Because there may be incomplete abortion, the review is very important.If the B -ultrasound is confirmed that there are still residues in the uterine cavity, the uterine scraping should be performed.Some people do not pay attention to hygiene or sex partners after the abortion of the drug, which may cause uterine infection and endometritis.

In short, it is best not to do the same room within 1-2 months after the drug flow. Men should be more considerate.In addition, women should adjust the schedule in time after the drug flow, do not do severe exercise.Pay attention to nutritional supplements, improve the human body’s immune ability, and thereby promoting the recovery after abortion.If there are lower abdomen pain, fever, vaginal secretions, etc. after abortion, you should immediately go to the hospital to check the recovery of the ovary and reproductive system.If there are embryo residues, take some drugs that are good for residue.If the situation is very serious, you may need to have a palace surgery.

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