How long does it take to enter the ovulation period after menstruation?Grasp these signals and get pregnant easily

Ovulation will be performed since women’s tide, and ovulation will be once after the end of menstruation.But many careless girls always can’t find the specific time of ovulation, so they pass by each time.In fact, there is a way to know the specific time of ovulation.As long as you master the following signals, you can easily grasp the time of ovulation, and you can get pregnant easily.So, which signals can find ovulation time?

The ovulation period is coming, the body has 4 signals

1. Increase secretions

This is the most direct signal when ovulation comes, and basically all women will have this symptom.This is because after the monthly passage, the endometrium will be prepared for ovulation after the endometrium is repaired.By the time of ovulation, hormones in the body will change, and then more cervical mucus will be secreted.

If you find that the number of leucorrhea is increased and the leucorrhea is brushed, then you may ovulate around 24 ~ 48 hours.

2. Ovulation and bleeding

After entering the ovulation period, the secretion of hormones in women’s body will change.At this time, due to the stimulation of hormones, a small amount of endometrium may occur, and a small amount of vaginal bleeding may occur.

This symptom is called ovulation and bleeding, which usually lasts about 2 to 3 days, and the amount of bleeding is very small.If the amount of bleeding is increasing, it means menstruation.

3. Pain during ovulation

Ovarian has ovulation pain when ovulation, usually in the lower abdomen, and the pain is mild.If a woman is not sensitive, she may not feel it.

Pain during ovulation may last about 1-2 days, and then disappear slowly.During this period, ovulation and bleeding may be accompanied by ovulation.This is also the best time for you to conceive.

4, Wen Sheng

By the time of ovulation, the basic body temperature of women would rise by about 0.5, but it is difficult for us to feel this subtle change, so we need to test it with the thermometer every morning and record it.

On the ovulation day, the body temperature will decrease, which is also called ovulation and cooling, and the next day it will rise again.The day when the temperature drops is your ovulation day, and it is also the best time to conceive.

Reminder: These situations are signals that are about to come during ovulation. If this is found after the end of menstruation, then you should seize the opportunity in time.It belongs to his own baby.

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