How long is the menstrual period, is it a good time for pregnancy?Don’t miss 3 signs of physical signs

Anyone who is preparing for pregnancy knows that only the opportunity to conceive in the same room during ovulation during women. Many pregnant couples will regulate their bodies before they want their babies.Wait, you can prepare a lot of time, but you don’t see your stomach.

For women’s conception, the best time to conceive is not ovulation day, but just say that the chance of conception in the same room on ovulation days is high. The best time for women is not ovulation day, and the day before the ovulation day.During the preparation of husband and wife, women will calculate ovulation days through menstrual periods. Ovulation days will be very easy to calculate. The ovulation day before the next five days before the next menstruation.Ovulation.

1. Increase secretions

Women are in the ovulation period. The most obvious feature is that the secretions are increased, and the secretions are transparent and dilute. This is the so -called ovulation period. In the ovulation period, it can increase the chance of conception in the same room.

2. Rise body temperature

Women in the ovulation period will have a higher physical temperature than usual. Affected by hormones, the temperature will last for a period of time, and some women also have a small amount of bleeding. These symptoms indicate that women have entered the ovulation period. ThisThe same room can increase the chance of conception.

3. Have a sense of abdominal distension

Women will feel abdominal distension during ovulation during ovulation. This is affected by hormones. In the process of breaking the follicles, there will also be mild abdominal pain. Women can correctly grasp the ovulation period according to this abdominal distension characteristics.

1. Men’s upper and lower posture.This posture is more conducive to the combination of sperm and eggs, and more conducive to conception.

2. After the same room, use a pillow to raise the hips and lie flat for half an hour.To increase the rate of conception, you need to do a good job of assistance after the incident, and lie flat for more than half an hour.

3. Keep a happy mood.The good emotions of the couple can make people relax. If the spirit is in a state of tension, it is not conducive to the combination of sperm and eggs, and affects the chance of conception.

If you want to seize the chance of pregnancy, you should choose to have the same room in the ovulation period. Generally, it is generally fourteen days after the moon, push forward for 5 days, and push 4 days back. This time is the ovulation period.Mastering the three performances of the body during ovulation can also increase the chance of conception.

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