How many days can I test?Novice mothers, come and understand

Women usually detect whether there are pregnancy through early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks.Early pregnancy test strips and pregnancy test sticks are determined by testing whether there are pregnancy by detecting human chorionic gonad hormones in urine.So how many days can I get out of pregnancy?Let’s take a look together.

Generally speaking, it can be tested by itself in 7-10 days after the same room. It can be tested in morning urine to test pregnancy through early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks. The longer the intercourse time, the more accurate.In short, after the same room, the earliest week, about 3 weeks, can be measured for pregnancy.

1. Mentalomy

This is the signs of pregnancy most often noticed by the average person. As long as it is a woman who is born at a age of fertility, menstruation is normal, and after two weeks after sexual behavior, it may be pregnant.But it is either a menstruation or pregnancy, and it may be caused by other reasons.

2. Mild vaginal bleeding

Mild bleeding from vagina is usually harmless.You can go to the hospital for examination to confirm whether you are pregnant.But it should be reminded that if vaginal bleeding occurs 12 days after conception, this may be menstruation.

3. frequent urination

In early pregnancy, frequent urination is caused by an increased uterus that compresses the bladder in the pelvic cavity.About 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the uterine body enters the abdomen and no longer compresses the bladder, the frequent urination symptoms will disappear naturally.However, the decline of the fetal head in the late stage may only occur.

4. Deatted and loss of appetite

The symptoms of women may be pregnant. After pregnancy, the body will secrete progesterone hormone to protect fresh life.This is a natural progesterone. It has an excitement. Therefore, pregnant women will feel easy to get tired, have no strength to sleep, and have no appetite.

5. Increase leucorrhea

Estrogen in the body after pregnancy gradually increases as the pregnancy month increases. Estrogen can promote the secretion of mucus secretion of cervix and endometrium gland.There are also increased things, and leucorrhea has increased.

6. Breast bloating and soft

One or two weeks after conception, your breasts will become swollen and softer.Due to stimulation of pregnancy, the body of pregnant women will produce many estrogen and progesterone, causing the gland to grow in the breast, so the breast will become larger.These hormones can also make breasts save more liquids, so the breasts will become sore and soft.

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