How many feelings did you get in the early stages of pregnancy?

“What does you feel in the early days of pregnancy”Although I am now the mother of two children, you can think about the long way to prepare for pregnancy. I have a polycystic ovary syndrome in myself.The period is irregular, so I have not taken safety measures for 2 years during drinking my husband, and they can’t conceive their babies. Both of them have a natural mentality, so that they don’t know when they are pregnant.

Because my menstruation is irregular, I disagree with the delay of menstruation, so I do n’t know in the first stage of my last stage. I know that I have the following symptoms of the following pregnancy.

Several obvious symptoms in the early pregnancy:

️ Symptoms 1: chest pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, the breasts will become larger and sensitive. When they touch it, they will feel bloated and painful. Generally, I will have chest pain before menstruation.Half of the pain lasts for about a week, I won’t feel pain, and my chest pain lasts for several months after pregnancy.

停️ Symptom 2: Stop menstruation

Under normal circumstances, the menstrual cycle is normal, and the husband and wife have sex before and after ovulation. They did not take contraceptive measures. Then they suddenly appeared more than 5 days of menopause symptoms, which was likely to get pregnant.But for a person with irregular menstruation for a long time, my longest menstrual period has only been 2 months before I have come once every time. The menstrual period is delayed. I did not think about it.

恶️ Symptom three: nausea nausea

About two weeks after stopping, I began to have symptoms of nausea, especially in the morning and later nausea, and the appetite decreased. There was no reason for vomiting.At the time of pregnancy, the content of fluffy diaphragm in the human body began to rise. The higher the level of this hormone, the easier it was to be disgusting, and I started to doubt whether I was pregnant.

上️ Symptom 4: The frequency of going to the toilet becomes higher

After pregnancy, I often run the toilet, and I can’t hold it at all. At that time, I didn’t know it at the beginning. It was because the body was affected by the fluffy glandular hormone after pregnancy. Some people also became more vaginal secretions.I am okay in this situation, so there should be a slightly different situation in the early stages of pregnancy.

️ Symptoms 5: Bleeding gums

I found that I Huaiyu started to bleed gums when I brushed my teeth in the morning.I checked the Internet before I knew that when I was often vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, the acidic matter was stimulated to the gums; coupled with the poor appetite in the early stages of pregnancy, the water -soluble vitamin was prone to lack, which would cause vitamin C to lack vitamins.The capillaries are relatively crispy and can easily cause capillary bleeding.

The above is some of my symptoms in the early pregnancy. I don’t know what symptoms you have?Welcome to communicate and interact in the comment area.

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