How many volumes of female stars?Zhao Lusi is only 79 pounds, Li Xirui, 1.7 meters, said that 85 pounds even if you are fat

Hao Lei was asked in the show how to treat the actress’s fatter. She said: There is a aesthetic of a era. There are basically not a few actors in our era.I hope that the actress will be slender and girly.

Hao Lei is right. In the previous TV series, the actresses were fat and thin, all of which were unique. Now the younger generation of actresses are basically thin bones. What A4 waist and clavicle coins are not enough to prove their thinnessRibs and chests are common.

Like Zhou Dongyu, Jin Chen, Yinger, etc., they are all very skinny figures.

Qin Lan said that looking at the good female stars in the camera, she was as thin as ghosts in her life, and those female stars who were often talked about by fatness were also big glasses.

For example, Zhao Lusi, who has a fleshy face, has been talked about "Pu" and "Fat" since his debut.In May this year, she attended the event and wore a green back skirt.

It was a great opportunity to show her figure. As a result, the scene came out at the scene, causing a group of mockery. Some people said that she was blessed. Some people said that she had a big face, a double chin, worship of meat, and so on.

But in fact, she said in an interview that she was the fattest and fattest … the fattest time was only 92 pounds.

She used 5 "fattest" to emphasize that her weight peak was 92 pounds, not the legendary 120 pounds. She said that she just had a face that looked like 300 pounds.

For a while, she was frequently questioned and forced her to expose her weight data. The weight scales read 39.5, which means that she was only 79 pounds at the time of the official height.

Wu Jinyan is also a well -known lean actress in the circle. Before, he was photographed many thin body and unable to hang clothes. He was so thin that he was unable to wear a ring. Attending the event ring, he could only stick to the tape.

Because her body is thin, the normal head looks a little big, so she was also the title of "big doll".

But it is very different from Zhao Lusi that Wu Jinyan looked very thin at a glance, but her weight was not so burst.

She said at the scene in "Youth Travel" that the weight was 45.8 kg. Later, she called 46 kg in her Vlog. She also said that she wanted to face the face.people.

Of course, the weight of 92 pounds is also very light for a person with a height of 165cm, especially for our ordinary people.

Wu Jinyan was born in dance. When she was in Beijing, she had to control her weight. She had been "scientifically diet" since she was 10 years old. Later, she probably had muscle memory, and she had never been fat.

She said in Zeng "Qi Qi" that she was 96 pounds when she was the fattest, and she was less than 90 pounds.

But she was obviously better -looking. In "Youth" and "My Chop Queen", she was thin and she was saying "too thin."

Later, the weight rose a little, the face was fuller, and the costumes were more feminine when wearing costumes.

Compared to the female celebrities either weight or on the road of weight loss, people who are naturally not fattels are a bit envious and jealous.

In the early years, she and He Shengming and others went to "Quick Book". As soon as she played, Xie Na, who saw her in the monitor: This is too thin.

And she said that she also disliked her thin, and has been working hard to gain weight, but the effect is not significant.

In "Real Man", she took off her shoes on the spot with a height of 164.5cm and weighed 88 pounds.

Because of thin and slimness, she can put two pieces of cotton pants in the cheongsam when filming in winter.But just as fat people don’t like to be fat, she also hates others saying that she is thin, but she can’t get fat.

Other female stars will be controlled by the agent. Her agency has proposed to let her reward her 10,000 yuan for every one kilogram. Unfortunately, she did not make the money at the time.Essence

During the "Unknown Table" show in 2020, there were many foods at the scene. Does a guest ask her to dare to eat?After she answered "I dare to eat it," she started to rush. After eating a bowl, she also ridiculed other guests to eat too subtle.

When I was chatting, the hostess asked her if she had only more than 80 pounds. She said that she has now risen to 923 pounds, and she is 15 pounds fatter than the thinnest.catty.

165 people, what is the concept of more than 70 catties!As netizens said: I have never had such weight after graduating from elementary school.

And even if she gains weight to 92 pounds, she is thinner than her height, but she said that her fans and some friends said she was slightly fat …

Suddenly I couldn’t understand the psychology of the fans.

If you do n’t eat fat, there are clear rolls.

When Lin Yun said in the "Youth Travels", she was the first time by several male guests to add one foot to the scale and called 105 pounds. She was scared and sweated and couldn’t believe it.

The second quantity was 49.5. She saw the data loosely on the spot and said: Fortunately, there are no more than a hundred.

Her height is 169cm, but she is actually very thin, but she has strict requirements on herself.

She once recorded her weight loss log on the trumpet, and she spent three months decreased from the initial 104.8 pound to 88 pounds.

Nearly 1.7 meters, 88 pounds, she also felt that her legs were thick.

However, during that time, she had obviously lost her appearance, and her cheeks were not half -flesh. They were 10 years old. It was impossible to understand what it was meaningful to break through the limit.

Speaking of thin, Yang Ying doesn’t hesitate to give up.A few years ago in the backstage of "Base Camp", Xiao Fang asked her how much the fattest time was when she was pregnant. She thought about it very seriously and said: 108 pounds when the fattest time, 101 pounds after birth, the baby’s weight is the weight of the baby is the weight of the baby.2.95 kg.

After listening to the big man, a big man was shocked.

She said that she was 90 pounds before giving birth, and she quickly recovered to 90 after giving birth.

When she came out of the hospital, she exposed half of her long legs in a windbreaker, and she was still thin and fashionable. A little bit of maternal bloated and weakness, so that the rumor of DY was reported.

After returning after giving birth, she was thin and thinner, more slender than when she was a girl.

Now she is estimated to be gone at 90, so she can only say that she is enough.

Some female celebrities are because everyone rolls, and they have no way to follow closely to lose weight, becoming "white and thin" in everyone’s hearts.

Some have a very deformity aesthetic in themselves. For example, Li Xirui, she publicly stated that I think more than 85 pounds are fat.

She said that this was her standard. Thinking about the 160 girls with 85 pounds, she was thin, but she had 170cm, and she felt that it was more than 85 pounds even if she was fat.

She was extremely thin on the shot. Look at the legs, the thighs are thinner than many ordinary people’s calves.

Li Qin’s requirements for herself are also very high. She said in the interview that 165 is height, and if 100 pounds are slightly fat.

As a result, she made herself thinner and thinner. In "The Road to Life", Liu Qiaozhen was thin, dark and dry, and her neck was stunned, and the aura of a girl was gone.

The concept of many female stars is very "advanced". Xuan Lu said that the height of 160 was a little fat at 90 pounds.

Tang Yixin was asked if she was not fat at the 160 girls. She did not hesitate to say that the weight of the three numbers must be fat.

Yang Mi was asked how many pounds of girls were qualified to be thinner. She said: I am not worthy of being called thin, I am 92 pounds now.

Uh … she has a net height of 166.5.

Even those actresses who didn’t look thin on the screen were enough for ordinary people to be stunned. For example, when I was asked when I was in college when I was in college.

She said without thinking: Fat.

When asked how much a catty was fat, she said: But there was never more than 100 pounds.

It can only be said that actresses are crazy, and their weighting requires more weight than acting skills itself.

Of course, when they say the numbers, they let the audience subvert their cognition, but when they are really fat, they must avoid being talked, just like the recent female director of "Jade Bone", Min, was pierced to be fat.waist.

When she responded to negative news, she also said that she would pay attention to body management.

Although many people say that female celebrities have created figure anxiety for everyone, netizens are indeed holding a magnifying glass to observe them, so they are destined that they can’t eat this bowl of rice after eating the bowl of rice.

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