How much compensation can be required for unmarried pregnancy first?Lawyer Xianming tells you what to deal with

"What should I do if I am pregnant first?" Consultation often appears in our field of vision. If the child is unmarried, if the child is unwilling to be responsible or capable of responsibility, the body and mind of women are huge.Harm, non -marriage children may also face more problems in society.

Although unmarried cohabitation, although it violates public prefaces and customs, it has not violated the law of law.For men and women who live together, the sexual behavior is voluntary, even if the consequences of damage are caused, because the man does not have the subjective and objective requirements of infringement, the man should not bear the corresponding compensation responsibility for the result of the damage.Article 132 of the General Principles of the Civil Law states: If the parties have no fault to cause damage, they may sharing civil liability according to the actual situation.At the same time, according to the "Q & A of the Practice of the First People’s Court involved in the handling of marriage cases involving marriage cases", I asked: The woman should be compensated for the man to ask the man for reasons for the body during the number of pregnancy flow during the cohabitation of the woman. Should the court be supported?Answer: The above situation belongs to the consequences of cohabitation. There is no legal marriage. Therefore, the above request has no legal basis, and the people’s court does not support it.

First of all, if there is a situation where the man adopts violence and compulsory occurrence during sexual behavior, this behavior that violates the will of women can be identified as a crime of rape. Victims can report to the police in time to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.In this case, it is necessary to ask for help from family members and local women’s rights protection agencies in a timely manner. Family, society, and laws will protect the rights and interests of the victims and be punished by the perpetrators.

In response to whether the men who need to be responsible for pregnancy are responsible, there is no clear regulation, but in judicial practice, it is usually applicable to the provisions of the "Infringement Responsibility Law". Pregnancy and fetal fetus will cause damage to women’s bodies.At the same time, it will also affect the normal life of women, so it applies to the relevant provisions of Chinese law on personal damage compensation and infringement liability.

If the man has a fault in the woman’s pregnancy and abortion, if the infringement liability shall be assumed and causes personal damage, the man shall compensate for the reasonable expenses of medical expenses, nursing fees, and transportation expenses to treat and rehabilitate the revenue due to miscarriage;If there is no fault in the man, the victim and the actor do not have any incurrence of damage, and the two parties can share the payment.

According to my country’s laws, non -marriage children and children of marriage have the same rights. Parents have the obligation to support their children. Whether or not they have children in the marriage, whether there is a marriage relationship between both parents; Payment for support to help children grow.

Therefore, if the woman chooses to give birth to the child, the man can ask the man to pay the support fee. The man cannot interfere with the behavior of the woman to have children, because the fertility is the basic personal right.The choice; if the man refuses to pay the support fee, he can submit a lawsuit to the people’s court to ask the other party to pay the support fee. If the other party does not acknowledge that the child has the obligation to support the child, the parent -child appraisal may be applied for.

In this article, we introduced what measures can be taken if you encounter unmarried first pregnancy from a legal perspective, but the best way to solve the problem is to prevent the emergence of problems.A beautiful world and the most progressive society should be a state where legal persons have nowhere to exert and cannot play a role.

It is hoped that the parties can maintain their sense of mind, prevent risks, think deeply, and protect themselves in their lives. If they encounter difficulty solutions, actively seek help from family members, society, and professionals to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

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