How much do you know about "cat pregnancy"?

The female cat is a seasonal animal that is in estrus. Each estrus will last for 3 to 7 days, and it will be estrus every two weeks every two weeks.Under normal circumstances, if the cat matches successfully, cubs will be produced in about two months. In the past two months, the shovel officer should do the daily care of the cat to make the cat feel at ease.

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First, how to judge cat pregnancy?

In general, cats will have obvious symptoms around 20 days of pregnancy.(Pay special attention to cats in estrus during the estrus)

1. I like to lie in a place that does not like to move and like quiet.(If the cat is pregnant, try not to bring the cat to strange places to prevent the cat’s stress response, which causes excessive emotional fluctuations, hurting the fetus)

2. About the third week of pregnancy, the breast becomes larger, the nipple color becomes pink, and the surrounding hair will gradually fall off (prepare for breastfeeding), and it feels harder when touching.

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3. Increased appetite, the body is getting heavier (generally increased by 1-2 kg), the abdomen gradually swells, and the behavior changes. The female cat will become more maternal or even aggressive.Essence

2. Doctor diagnosis

Doctors will judge whether cats are pregnant through B ultrasound.

Calculating: Doctors will judge whether they are pregnant by touching the cat’s abdomen. Non -professional as much as possible to try to cause damage to cats.

Ultrasonic: Cats can be detected 21 to 28 days after pregnancy, and the number of kittens can be roughly estimated.

X -rays: For more than 46 days, the number of kittens can be determined with X -rays, and the estimated delivery period.

Which check for the cat can be discussed with the doctor before making a decision.

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3. Feeding issues

1. Guarantee nutrition.

After the cat is pregnant for one month, the fetus in the abdomen will quickly "grow". At the same time, the metabolism of the female cat will also increase accordingly. The demand for nutrients will also increase.Increasing the content of protein, the proportion of meat should be increased.

But do not supplement the carbohydrates too much. Excessive carbohydrates will be converted into fat in the cat’s body, which can easily cause cats to obese, thereby increasing the risk of cat delivery.

2. Eat less meals.

Because some cats may occur in pregnancy, the amount of food is small, the shoveling officer can adopt the method of feeding less meals to feed and feed multiple times a day to ensure the cat’s energy intake to avoid malnutrition.

3. Professional matching

You can go to the pet hospital or professionals to inquire about the diet mix of cats during pregnancy, try to use high nutrition and digestible cat food, and supplement the cat with vitamins and dietary fiber to prevent cat constipation.

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Fourth, daily care When the cat is close to the due date, it will find the place where the production is. The shoveling officer can prepare a suitable size carton for the cat, and there are some soft blankets and urine pads in it to facilitate the cats to prepare.Some cats may not be able to clean the hair in time because they are too pregnant. The shoveling officer can use a wet towel or a warm towel to help the cat clean up. Pay attention to the cat comb to comfort it.Exercise appropriately.Cats can be appropriately moved before meals to help it eliminate food, while preparing multiple clean water bowls to facilitate cats to drink water.Due to abnormal conditions.If the cat does not like to eat for a long time during pregnancy, or shouting for a long time, loss of appetite, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time to check whether there are potential diseases.

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In general, the cat’s pregnancy is 63 ~ 72 days. When the cat is less than 58 days of pregnancy, it is premature birth. If it is not produced for more than 70 days, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.Try to limit the large exercise of cats, while reducing home ground obstacles, avoiding cats from being harmed due to inconvenience during pregnancy.Usually do the cleaning of the cat house and deal with the cat’s excrement and the hair that fall off in time.

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I wish you all cats and daughters (son) safe ~

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