How much does it cost to give birth to a child in Shenzhen

How much does it cost to have a child in Shenzhen?

I have made a record from knowing that I went to the hospital for the first examination at the hospital

The situation of maternal women, a medical insurance in Shenzhen, a large inspection includes: early NT, more than three months in the middle of the Tang Dynasty+non -invasive.) No amniotic fluid puncture (not an elderly woman, and the mid -Tang Dynasty non -invasiveness is normal), sugar, and later color ultrasound abnormalities.I checked the cardiac ultrasound in the middle. The others were basically conventional inspections. They were all green lights. The weight increased by 30 pounds during pregnancy.

The general process of the inspection is: four days of delay in menstruation, dreamed of pregnancy for four days, got up and tested two bars of paper (magic, dreaming of men and women later should be verified, magical), go to the hospital urine test HCG, confirm the pregnancy → go to one trip every two days laterHospital urine testing HCG doubles → 6 weeks of pregnancy can be used as a color Doppler ultrasound. Whether it is normal in the palace, whether there are fetal heart buds. At that time, the urinary progesterone was a bit low.moon

→ Twelve weeks ago, I went to the hospital to build files (bringing a certificate of maternity registration, and the maternity insurance can be taken away by the production inspection and production).I know that every time I do an ECG, it will be displayed like this. It is not a heart problem. The doctor has to do a heart color Doppler ultrasound.Chow Da Bo Devinal → Starting Tire Supervision at 34 weeks → Last large examination (vaginal secretion, B -group Bacteria, etc.) at 36 weeks → Later until the hospital is regular testing (urine test)

Production inspection: Once around 28 weeks, 28-37 weeks of delivery every two weeks, once a week after 37 weeks (conventional inspection)

The following is the details of the cost: it can be said that all social security reimbursement

When the cash part is expenditure, the husband measures the blood type when the file is built. The husband forgot to bring a social security card, and there is a vitamin that bought a bottle of iron supplement.

Production: After a few days of the baby, the baby has been oxytic, and the pain is painless after opening three fingers. The doctor said that the fetal supervision is not good. It is recommended that the caesarean section. MD is scared and rotated smoothly, so there is one more oxytic cost than normal production.There is one more with one, and the specific part of which is not clear. Anyway, they are discharged and settled.The following is the detailed details of the 40+ hospitalization to be discharged, the hospitalization deposit is 2000, and the discharge will be retired by 907. Among them, the delivery of the mother -in -law is 588 yuan.If you apply for your baby’s social security, you can reimburse with your baby’s social security))

Written in the end: I have a remote relative, which is a week after the due date of my treasure, and it is also produced in Shenzhen, but it is produced in 32 weeks, 2.8 pounds at the time of birth.Nursing) More than 6,000, all other reimbursement (also the first gear of social security)

Do you think the cost of having a baby in Shenzhen is high?

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