How much does smoke know about pregnancy?

Today is the World Banning Day. As an obstetrician and gynecologist, I also call for it: For the health of our next generation, smoke ban.

Smoke contains more than 4,000 kinds of chemicals, including nicotine, carbon monoxide, and at least 60 carcinogens such as cyanide and lead.The harm of second -hand smoke is more harmful, because the smoke burns to the final release of harmful substances than smoke inhaled.

What is the impact of smoke on pregnancy?

Extreme pregnancy is commonly known as "ectopic pregnancy". Because Nicotine is an obstacle to move the fertilized egg from the fallopian tube to the uterus, it will damage the activity of the fallopian tube cilia. As a result, the fertilized eggs have not reached the uterus, so they are in the fallopian tube.

Mother smoking will cause a large amount of carbon monoxide to enter the blood. In addition, nicotine will cause blood vessel contraction. The oxygen and nutrients that supply the fetus will be reduced. Natural fetuses will grow small and short., Premature birth and fetal death.

Smoke can also lead to fetal malformations. The most common is heart malformation and cleft lip and palate, which can also cause risks such as abdominal cracks, anal atresia, multiple fingers and deformities, and dysplasia of kidney.

If the baby continues to be exposed to second -hand smoke after birth, it will easily lead to asthma. The risk of lung infection, allergies, and sudden infant death syndrome will increase.

In addition, it will affect the development of the baby’s brain, leading to learning obstacles, behavioral problems, and even low IQ.

There are so many dangers to smoke. In order to give birth to the next generation, you should quit smoking. Whether it is male or female, it is recommended to quit smoking for 2-3 months and then get pregnant, at least 1 month.

Some people will ask: One or two can be drawn in a day, should there be no problem?

What is the "security" of smoke, there is no conclusion, but the longer the smoking time, the more smoking, and the greater the impact.

Some people say: Three months have passed, the most dangerous sensitive period has passed, and it has nothing to do with contact.

If you think so, I said before. I said earlier that in addition to causing malformations, it will also cause mothers to have hypertension, premature placental peeling, etc., and the fetus is hypoxic, slow development, premature birth, in the fetus, low IQ, etc.Smoke quitting smoking at any time is beneficial to the health of the mother.

Some people are pregnant unexpectedly without quitting smoking. Can this baby still need it?

Because smoke may cause abnormal pregnancy and fetal malformations, once you are pregnant, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible, check on time, and detect abnormalities early. However, it is not necessary to abandon the fetus because of smoking. Just stop immediately.

Finally, on this day of quitting smoking around the world today, I reiterated again:

For the health of your baby, quit smoking, if you are addicted to smoke and it is difficult to quit smoking, please seek the help of a professional doctor.

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