How much eggs do I need to take IVF can be used to get pregnant?

After the test tube, some people took 18, some took 2, and some took the empty follicles.

Some sisters feel that the more you get, the better, one egg retrieval, and you can freeze it.

As a result, some sisters who have not yet reached the egg retriever are very anxious. How many eggs do you need to get to get pregnant?

How many eggs are best

Under normal circumstances, the number of eggs for IVF is around 8-15, and the number of follicles added on the left and right ovaries is normal in this range.

More than 20 basic follicles are polycystic, and less than 5 follicles belong to ovarian function loss.

Each person has different constitutions, the mature stage of follicles is different, and the number of eggs taken out will be different, and the quality of the eggs will vary.

The relationship between the number of eggs and age

Women with good ovarian function at 25 ~ 29 years old have 6 to 10 eggs to reach a more satisfactory pregnancy ending.

At the age of 30 to 34, when the number of eggs is 11-15, fresh transplantation can get a good pregnancy ending, and the cumulative production rate is higher, and the incidence of ovarian excessive stimulation is low.

After 43 years old, the number of eggs that can get healthy eggs is very good.

The range of best eggs in different ages is slightly different.But we don’t take this standard to measure ourselves. In fact, the focus of the test tube, don’t just stare at the eggs.

The test tube wants to succeed, which is related to age, uterus, ovarian conditions, etc. As long as we are in the test tube, we carefully cooperate with the doctor and obey the doctor’s suggestion. I believe that good pregnancy will slowly approach.

Factors affecting the number of egg retrieval

1. FSH (follicle hormone): FSH higher than 8 or more indicates that the response of ovarian nests to ovulation -promoting drugs is reduced.

2. AFC (number of sinus follicles): Generally speaking, the basic small follicles AFC less than 4 indicates that the ovarian low reaction is foreshadowed.

3. AMH (Anti -Muller test tube hormone): Generally speaking, it is greater than 2ng/ml above 2ng/ml. The ovary reserves are sufficient, less than 0.6ng/ml indicating that the ovarian response is low, and 0.1ng/ml is not full, indicating that the ovarian reserve has basically exhausted.

How to get good eggs

Age is the primary factor

After checking in advance, adjusting its own situation, improving ovarian function for targetedness, can also improve ovarian quality and ovarian function, thereby improving the success rate of test tubes.

Appropriate ovulation promotion plan

With full communication with the doctor, the doctor will choose a suitable ovulation plan according to your specific situation.

This is a very important step on the road to pregnancy!Therefore, there are no advantages and disadvantages, which is the best for you!

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