How much is an ectopic pregnancy in HCG

HCG (chorionic gonadotropin) is the "pregnancy test" hormone familiar and most commonly used by obstetricians and gynecologists.It is composed of α and β diogen.However, the alpha-sub-unit is shared by the anterior pituitary hormones.The β-sub-unit is particularly HCG.The complete HCG is all produced by the nourishing layer of the placental choric membrane.Its main function is to stimulate luteum, which is conducive to the continuous secretion of estrogen and luteum to promote the formation of uterine moltage and mature placenta growth.Modern believes that HCG is generated by the transitional cells and synthetic cells.The value of value in the first eight weeks of pregnancy is fast to maintain pregnancy.After about 8 weeks of pregnancy, HCG gradually declined until it reached relatively stable in about 20 weeks.

The normal value of HCG

The normal value of HCG "10 μg/L, the normal value of β-HCG" 3.1 μg/L.

During different periods of pregnancy, the absolute value of serum HCG has changed a lot, that is, people are different, without comparability, they can only compare themselves.Non -pregnant women’s blood HCG "100IU/L.In the first three months of pregnancy, the HCG level doubled every 2.2 ± 0.5 days.

Urine-HCG (HCG semi-fixed quantity method): non-pregnant women "25IU/L, 40 days of pregnancy" 5000IU/L, 60-70 days of pregnancy "(8-32) × 104IU/L (the highest level in the morning urine HCG is the highest, close to serum, close to serumlevel).

Serum HCG level during normal pregnancy


0.2-1 Week 5-50

1-2 weeks 50-500

2-3 weeks 100-5000

3-4 weeks 500-10000

4-5 week 1000-50000

5-6 week 10000-100000

6-8 week 15000-200000

2- March 10000-100000

HCG diagnosis early pregnancy

Early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is mainly to detect blood HCG (chorionic gonadotropin).Because HCG is a specific hormone secreted during pregnancy, β -HCG can be used to assist in the diagnosis of uncontested in early ectopic pregnancy.The amount of HCG secreted by the normal developmental fluff is very large, and the daily titration continues to rise rapidly, up 66%per 48 small.That is, if β -HCG increases more than 66 % every two days, it can be diagnosed as intrauterine pregnancy; and if the increase is less than 66 %, the possibility of dysplasia for ectopic pregnancy or internal pregnancy.After women conceive, the β -HCG can be measured from the 9th to 11th day of the day. The amount of β -HCG can be increased by 2 times every two days (even if there is a threatened abortion, the increase of the HCG increase will not change)EssenceFor example, today is 234. If it is tested by about 450 the day after tomorrow, it can be considered as early pregnancy in normal palace.

If the speed of increased twice in a row, it indicates that the ectopic pregnancy or the abnormal development of the embryo is slow.For example, today is 10, the day after tomorrow is 15, and only 2 days.If the HCG value continues and decreases significantly, even if the B -ultrasound is measured, it is best to have a palace surgery, indicating that the fetus has actually died.

If the HCG increases very fast, it means that there is a possibility of hydatidal tires, and it must be monitored closely.Of course, it may be twins.

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