How much is the most easily conceived in the thickness of the endometrium?

Xu Nan from Hunan was about to get married, but there was a history of abortion before marriage, and the endometrium was relatively thin. Xu Nan walked into our reproductive center in advance, hoping to find a positive answer, whether he still had the opportunity to give birth.

With Xu Nan’s doubts, I made her related explanation. In fact, if you want a healthy baby, you must have two basic conditions for successful pregnancy: high -quality embryos and good uterine endometrium, which is indispensable for both.

Xu Nan has caused the endometrium to become thinner because of the previous history of abortion.

"Doctor Hu, how thin our uterine endometrium is, whether there is any reference data, or whether there is a good way to thicken." Xu Nan is very anxious.

"General women’s normal endometrium thickness ranges from 5-10mm, and the endometrium is also different in different periods.The endometrium is the thinnest, the endometrium is generally 3-4mm, and the endometrium of the uterine period of the hyperplasia is about 9-10mm. The secretion period is the process of gradually changing the endometrium, which can reach 5-6mm.The process of change. Under normal circumstances, the endometrium thickness of women is 8-12mm, which is the best uterine endometrium thickness of women, and it cannot be lower than 6mm."In concert", I gave Xu Nan a detailed professional knowledge communication.

"If you want to check the thickness of the endometrium in the uterus, we usually do the B -ultrasound of the uterus. You can clearly check the endometrium and thickness of the endometrium under the intuitive intuition of ultrasound.Do a vaginal ultrasound examination, we will do a reasonable treatment after the examination. "

"Doctor Hu, what auxiliary treatment do I need to do to increase my endometrium thickness," Xu Nan asked.

"Actually, there are many factors in addition to abortion in the endometrium. We need to conduct related auxiliary treatment according to the situation.Too thin, so generally use supplementary growth hormones to condition;

There is also a thin endometrium due to hormone factors. Generally, female friends should supplement estrogen on the 10th day of menstruation;

Then there is a luteal function that causes thin endometrium. Due to the lack of luteal function, the endometrium caused by is too thin. It requires specific analysis and reasonable analysis to replenish hormones reasonably.

Finally, endometrial injury leads to thin endometrium. The endometrium is too thin due to endometrial adhesion and damage. In this case, only cold equipment under the laparoscopy is performed, and endometrial transplantation should be adopted in severe cases.

In addition to medical treatment, we also need to pay attention to the therapy in life, mainly beans, cereals, potato, light diet, soak feet, female warm supplements, vitamins, especially VE can help pregnancy, eat durians, grapefruit, grapefruit, grapefruit,Deer fetal paste, purple river car, snow clam, protein powder, bird’s nest, gelatin, black fungus, bee jelly, etc. are also a good choice and must relax."

Hmm, after talking to you, I feel more happy. I will actively cooperate and prepare for pregnancy, Xu Nan said.

"Actually, I also want to say a few more words. As a woman, we must protect ourselves and know more about ourselves. The endometrium is thin, thick, and after menopause.The endometrium is too thick and the diagnostic curettage is needed; the endometrium is too thick in the gestational age. Generally, it is caused by endometrial polyps, uterine mucosal fibroids, and endometrial hyperplasia, and may even cause cancer.Pay attention to, and pay attention to health!

The thick endometrium is also a manifestation of hyperplasia. The cause of hyperplasia is that the endometrium is induced by the continuous effects of estrogen, and the hyperplasia of the antagonistic effect of no progesterone occurs to varying degrees of hyperplasia.For many high -risk factors, it can also treat primary diseases, such as: ovulation, obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid dysfunction disorders, pituitary tumors, hypertelactiamia, endocrine functional tumors, liver and kidney dysfunction, etc.In addition, exogenous estrogen needs to be discontinued to reduce the diet intake of estrogen content.The endometrium is too thin and too thick can reduce the endometrium tolerance, affecting the embryo bed."

"After listening to you, I can completely understand. It is not easy for our women to be a mother. From the early stage of pregnancy, we must fully attach great importance to the relevant knowledge of the endometrium. Thank you, Doctor Hu" Xu Nan sighed.

Here, I also warmly remind female friends that we must pay attention to the endometrium and the health of women.

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