How terrible families with blood -suck blood

“”, Why don’t you die?This is what a father said to his daughter.

Before Xiao Lan got married, her family could not see the male and female, and his brother had it. She also had it. Even his brother was unwilling to study because of poor grades. Her family was for her to read.There are more than enough comparison. I remember that the unit was divided into houses at that time. Her family bought a villa in the city. Her parents had units and their father’s position was high.Essence

Later, she came out to work. Her brother got married. When she gave birth to a child, Xiao Lan’s salary was mostly for home. I bought a lot of things for the little nephew every year.Talking about this daughter hurts people, and it is also interesting.

Xiao Lan later found a boyfriend. The boyfriend’s family was very good and the work was very good. In those years, it was the most surplus of her family. As soon as Xiao Lan got a driver’s license, his boyfriend bought a second -hand car forShe said that let her drive first, practice car skills, and then buy a new one. As a result, Xiao Lan didn’t drive for a long time, so she gave her brother [covering the face] After her boyfriend bought another new carGive her.

Later, Xiao Lan married her boyfriend. Xiao Lan said that her parents were very enlightened at that time, and the gift was not required, but her boyfriend had about 100,000 yuan to buy things before and after.

A few years ago, Xiao Lan didn’t want a child with her boyfriend, so everything at home moved back to her mother’s house.At home, neighbors near her family, who did not know that she was married and had money.

When did you start to change?

Xiao Lan’s husband was sent to the public. At this time, Xiao Lan was pregnant. The mother’s family was happy. Her husband was also happy, but her mother -in -law was older and her body was not good all year round.Yes, there was no way to help her. At this time, the mother’s family came out to take care of them. The whole pregnancy was taken care of by the mother’s family, but Xiao Lan said that the cost of the whole period was enough to ask the babysitter and the moonlight.Good for the mother’s family.

Xiao Lan has a child, and it is not easy to let the mother’s family take care of it. He asked the nanny to bring the child. Maybe he had a child. Xiao Lan resigned from the job. The husband was raised by his husband. The economy may not be as good as before.There are not so many things to go home, and I do n’t take so much to take it back. Slowly, there is a little opinion.

Xiao Lan has been with a child at home for 2 years. Her husband came back to recuperate because of his poor health. At this time, there was no income. Slowly Xiao Lan began to calculate, and even the nanny resigned.During the rest of her husband, when her husband was resting at home, his mother’s family came to see it, that is, there is no money, and there is no such thing, and Xiao Lan’s help. At this time, Xiao Lan’s husband also had an opinion on her mother’s family.

After that, her husband returned to the company for more than a year. Because of the high salary, she chose to send it. Xiao Lan couldn’t help seeing this. She returned to her mother’s house and bought a house near her mother’s house.Help take the child, she goes out to work, and then gives the living expenses every month to her mother’s family. In this way, Xiao Lan goes out to work. The child will return to the mother’s house during the day and pick it up at night.She is relieved.

Once, her child said to her, mother, don’t you go to work, okay?I will obediently, I won’t be naughty, I don’t want to go to my grandmother’s house.Xiao Lan thought she had a temper and ignored it. Until one time, the child had a fever. Xiao Lan couldn’t ask for leave because of a meeting that day. She told her mother to have a fever. What she wanted to feed her for medicine. Her mother also agreed. As a result, she returned early that day.I found that her child had a fever on the sofa, her body and hair were covered with vomiting, and some of them were dry. No one knew. She asked her mother, her mother said that the child did not want to eat or take medicine, so she did not feed herIt is said that her child is too difficult. Xiao Lan saw the child like this at the time. It was very uncomfortable and very cold. Think about what she had before, she couldn’t wait to ask eight times a day, and she was worried about it.Now that grandson ignores this way, Xiao Lan quit his job later, rent a house for rent, take the child back, and come back for a while, only to know in the children’s house, no one cares about her, and eat slowly to eat.Being scolded, sleeping slowly and being scolded, and was scolded to the toilet. Xiao Lan accompanied the child at home. After the child was in the first grade, Xiao Lan’s husband also came back. Xiao Lan invited the nanny through an acquaintance.Go to work, everything is returning to the right track.

As a result, her brother was deceived by hundreds of thousands of investments through the Internet. Her parents cried and asked her to help her brother. Xiao Lan said that she was powerless and said that she could do 10,000 or two hundred thousand. Her parents said, her parents said,Your husband has money, gives hundreds of thousands of small meanings, and then sells your small house, the money is fine. Xiao Lan said that it is impossible. Her husband will not give the money or sell the house.Essence

Since her husband knows the treatment of her daughter, her family feels her family, and now it is impossible to say how many hundred thousands of help are.

As a result, Xiao Lan’s mother said that Xiao Lan did not give color gifts. According to the truth, she wanted to give a gift. She had such a big daughter to marry like this.When she was sick, she was dizzy and hospitalized from time to time because Xiao Lan had no gift when she was married, so she had to make up for the gift.

Xiao Lan’s husband said that her mother’s family wanted money and wanted to go crazy. The reason was taken out and said that if Xiao Lan gave the money, she would break with her mother’s family.

Xiao Lan’s father said that her brother is the root of the family. They have to rely on her brother, not to rely on her daughter. The money must be repaid.

Xiao Lan said that when I got married, I gave money. Although the name was not a gift, how much money I gave before and after, you must know that before you have no children, buy gold jewelry for the nephew every year, buy gold jewelry for mom, and give it every year.How much is a supermarket card?Have these counted?I have children, financial difficulties, let you help bring children, how do you treat my child?Now when I talk about Cai Li, it is nothing more than asking me to pay the money to pay off my debt. Have you ever wondered if I will be divorced?

However, Xiao Lan’s parents couldn’t listen to it and had been making trouble, and made an article with sick things. Xiao Lan couldn’t help but sold a house of house. Then her husband applied for a foreign work. The family went to the country and gave her parents 80,000.Block, saying it is a gift.

But what parents want hundreds of thousands of debts, 80,000 are not enough. Her mother said that she broke her mother’s road like this.Go to death?

Her brother has never said a word from beginning to end.

In the final analysis, Xiao Lan turned like this, obviously everything was good before.

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