How to achieve breastfeeding, novice mothers must see

Medical Guidance/Li Xueran, Deputy Nursing Director of the Medical and Child Health Hospital of Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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Many people know the benefits of breastfeeding for babies, and everyone is always advocating breastfeeding.However, a group of mothers still worried about breastfeeding after giving birth, and even had to give up breastfeeding in the end.So, how should you prepare to achieve breastfeeding smoothly?

Healthy breasts are the basic conditions for lactation.After pregnancy, the breasts began to develop secondary and gradually reached the "peak of life."The growth of the breast tissue during pregnancy has accelerated, adding a lot of catheter and glands, which are preparing for the later production and transportation milk.At 16-18 weeks of pregnancy, the breast glands have colostrum. In the third trimester, some mothers may find that there are "milk scabs" on the nipple, which is formed after a few overflow of viscous colostrum drying.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the cleaning of the breast. When taking a bath, pay attention to rinse with water. Do not clean it with soap, alcohol, etc. At the same time, pay attention to replace the suitable breastfeeding bras according to the size of the breast to avoid squeezing and damage to the breast.

For some abnormalities such as flat nipples and depression, novice mothers do not have to be too panic. Through the early postpartum skin contact and sucking, most of the babies can adapt to the mother’s nipples.It can help some nipple depression improved, and it is more serious. It can also use auxiliary tools under the guidance of professionals during postpartum breastfeeding to assist in the guidance of professionals.

In terms of diet, we should pay attention to ensuring reasonable nutrition during pregnancy. It is advisable to control the weight of the entire pregnancy. It is advisable to control sufficient fat for the consumption of breastfeeding energy.

Three morning "contact early, suck early, early milk".

After the newborn baby is immediately dry, you can hold it to the mother and start continuous skin contact. The time for early contact will reach 90 minutes. During the period, the baby will try to suck and milk early.It is still a good stimulus signal that effectively stimulates lactating reflection.Early milk means "starting to eat milk early on the mother." When the baby is in contact with the skin with the mother, let the baby start sucking the mother’s nipples. This is very important for the baby to practice sucking and promote the mother’s milk secretion.

After that, try to breastfeed as much as possible.It can meet the growth and development needs of babies, and can also promote the discharge of fetal manure and reduce the occurrence of neonatal jaundice.

The correct breastfeeding posture can make the mother feel comfortable, and the correct pose can make the baby feel comfortable, which can help breastfeeding smoothly.

When mothers are breastfeeding, they first choose a comfortable place, such as bed, sofa, or chair, and the pillow is used to debug the degree of comfort, so that the mother’s head, neck, shoulder, waist, and hips must be supported.Then let the baby’s body get close to the mother, his face towards the breast, his nose facing the nipples, pay attention to the baby’s head and body, and the jaw is close to the breast. If it is a newborn baby, the mother can hold the baby’s hips with her hands, and try to try to try to try it.Let your baby hold the nipples, instead of stuffing it for the baby.

When the baby is correctly connected, his mouth is very large, his lower lip is turned off, the tongue is spoon -shaped around the breast, and the cheeks are round. When the connection, you can see that the upper upper isola is more than the bottom, and there is a slow and deep sucking.Sometimes there will be a suspension, you can see the swallowing action and hear the swallowing sound.

The above content is summarized as "a large sticker on one side" (the homophonic "send a big sticker"), that is, "pine" (relaxation of the mother and baby’s body), "one" (baby’s head and body are out of line), "Noodles "(baby faces breasts)," big "(big" (baby’s mouth is big), "sticker" (baby chin sticks to breasts, and his body is tightly attached to the mother), "support" (support for maternal and infants).

As soon as possible, breastfeeding is prepared. Pregnant mothers can obtain scientific breastfeeding knowledge through pregnant women’s schools, breastfeeding consulting, online outpatient consultation, etc., and enhance the self -confidence of breastfeeding in the future.In addition, the support of family members, especially the husband’s support, allows prospective mothers to have higher breastfeeding self -confidence.

After the baby is born, the family can help the new mother breastfeeding comfortably, and pay attention to sharing some responsibilities to take care of the baby, so that the new mother can get a better rest, which is more conducive to breastfeeding smoothly.

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