How to alleviate foot swelling during pregnancy, and how much do you know about pregnancy edema?Understand

“How to relieve foot swelling during pregnancy”

What is pregnancy edema

Pregnancy edema refers to those who have a body and face swelling in pregnant women after pregnancy, and are accompanied by those who have less urine, proteinuria or other symptoms.Mild edema can subscribe naturally after resting. If edema affects the thighs, vulva, and even the whole body, and even accompanied by symptoms such as palpitations and short blood pressure, it can threaten the health of maternal and infants.

Pregnancy edema is divided into physiological and pathological. The physiological edema mostly refers to the edema around ankle during pregnancy, and then the legs and facial edema may be available.The pathological edema is mostly accompanied by high -risk diseases. The edema is seriously accompanied by proteinuria. After a break, it is still impossible to decrease. It may occur in the vulva of pregnant women, and even the edema of the upper limbs and facial faces.Pregnant women often experience lower limb edema in the middle and late pregnancy.Mild lower limb edema is mostly physiological pregnancy edema, while more severe and accompanied by hypertension and proteinuria is pathological. It belongs to the category of pregnancy hypertension syndrome.Essence

The cause of pregnancy edema

The cause of pregnancy edema mainly includes chronic nephritis, hypertension, diabetes and other medical history, or the age of pregnant women ≥ 40 years, multiple pregnancy, and too many amniotic fluid.The etiology and pathogenesis of Western medicine on hypertension during pregnancy have not been fully clarified.At present, some scholars have proposed the "two stages" doctrine.The first stage is the remodeling obstacle of the uterine spiral artery nourishing cells.In the second stage, the placenta factors entered the blood circulation of the mother’s body, which promoted the activation of the inflammatory response and damage to the vascular endothelial.Some scholars believe that due to the low total protein in the blood of pregnant women during pregnancy and insufficient protein intake, the colloidation pressure can be reduced and the edema of tissue occurs.

Chinese medicine understanding of pregnancy edema

Pregnancy edema, also known as "sub -swelling", "Ziqi", "Ziman", etc., "Golden Essentials" is also known as "pregnancy with water and gas".Fu Shanyan, "Pregnant women are until five months, and they are swollen to the head and face." This sentence summarizes the clinical symptoms of pregnancy edema.Fatigue, abdominal distension discomfort, do not want to eat, dazzling head, unfavorable urination, thin stool and so on.According to "Yizong Jinjian 宗The interpretation of the positive Jin Kuang’s key note "is puffy when there is water and gas outside the pregnancy, and the water and gas inside are unfavorable.Clinically, this prescription is used to add subtraction to treat patients with spleen deficiency and damp pregnancy -type pregnancy edema.The kidney is a innate foundation. The fetal lino is tied to the kidneys, the spleen is the basis of the acquired, and the source of qi and hemorrhage is born.Therefore, pregnancy edema is based on spleen deficiency and qi stagnation, and the water and wetness are stopped as a standard.Therefore, the treatment is mainly based on light penetration and dampness, and the qi of the spleen is moving, and at the same time, adding a tire is appropriate.

What should I do if my pregnancy edema

In response to edema during pregnancy, we need to carefully identify to understand the changes in the weight, blood pressure and urine protein examinations of pregnant women, and early detection of diseases and treatment.By the end of pregnancy, you should go to the hospital for prenatal examination. In addition to the timely treatment of pregnancy edema, you should also strengthen self -care.

First of all, we must maintain a cheerful and happy emotions and have a correct understanding of pregnancy edema.Generally speaking, simple pregnancy edema is physiological, and after rest and bed, it can quickly reduce or fade quickly.Even if the more severe edema may be a syndrome of pregnancy hypertension syndrome, as long as they follow the doctor’s guidance, and the necessary treatment is performed, most of the prognosis is good.In terms of living clothes, pregnant women should have eight to nine hours of sleep a day, and it is best to have a nap of about an hour.The bedroom should be neat, and the windows should be opened often to make the air flow.In terms of diet, there should be sufficient nutrition, especially patients accompanied by proteinuria hypertension. Due to the abnormal loss of protein, they should pay special attention to the supplement of protein to maintain the needs of pregnant women and fetal development.Preparation of postpartum lactation.Foods are rich in animal protein such as fish, meat, eggs and dairy products, while beans and soy products are rich in plant proteins and should be rationally matched.

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