How to be accurate during pregnancy?Teach you to count when your baby is born, more accurate than the general method

For many expectant parents who prepare for pregnancy, they are naturally looking forward to the arrival of new life.

Therefore, when the most obvious features appear and the menstruation does not come on time, the prospective parents will take the initiative to check.

In general, you will get good news.Of course, doctors will also tell these novice mothers that how long have they been pregnant.

However, there will be a lot of prospective moms and dads who feel a little confused. Obviously they are only checked to get pregnant, and the number of days of pregnancy has been accurately informed.Moreover, how can I talk to the doctor a bit out of and out, novice parents can’t figure it out.

In fact, it is easy to understand, because many prospective parents are not clear, how the number of days and the due date of pregnancy are calculated.

They generally believe that pregnancy starts from the ovulation period, or starts with the same room after ovulation.

But in fact, it is not right. The actual starting calculation is the last time the woman came to the aunt.

However, some people understand that it is calculated from the day of the last menstruation, but it is exactly the opposite.

Medical, doctors will start pregnancy from the first day of menstruation.Many pregnant women will have differences with doctors, because some of them are convinced that they remember all the date, but the results are different from their expectations.

But it is worth noting that pregnant women noticed that even if you remember all important days, there is no way to confirm the accurate time for the combination of essence.

Generally, pregnant women will start from the last day of menstruation, because everyone knows that they will not be pregnant during menstruation, but in fact, it is calculated from the first day.Because compared to other less fixed dates, the first day is certain.

Similarly, you can also infer when the due date is based on this.

Generally, women’s pregnancy is forty weeks, so it can be counted from the first day of the last menstrual period to 280 days, and the date of date is the due date.

The first day of the last menstrual period is certain, so we can infer this.

Similarly, it can be speculated by some formulas to speculate at the due date; or arrange B -ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy to calculate according to the development of the fetus.

However, it should be noted that the due date refers to the unexpected days, so the production of production before and after the estimated due date is considered a normal date.

Mom is also the first time to be a mother. They don’t have a lot of experience. They can only spend pregnancy with expectations and sorrowful moods, waiting for the small life in the belly.

But there will always be a little reminder in everything, such as before the fetus is born, the body will give some signals to indicate the arrival of new life.

Signal 1: There is bleeding in the lower body

Pregnant women may meet red when the delivery period is approaching, and some pregnant women will be nervous. This will have any problems, but it also needs to be divided into situations.

If the amount of bleeding is not much, it means that there is still some time from delivery. At this time, pregnant women can clean up themselves, and then pack things to go to the hospital.

However, if a large amount of bleeding, family members still need to send pregnant women to the hospital as fast as possible.

Signal 2: A regular contraction appears

Before the production of pregnant women, there will be pain in the stomach. This is contraction.The contraction, as the name suggests, is a regular contraction of the uterus, the purpose is to help the fetus birth smoothly.

However, this is not easy for pregnant women, because the frequency of contractions will become faster and faster. Over time, the pregnant woman will feel that the stomach is getting more and more painful.But at this time, it is not painless, so pregnant women can only survive with their own willpower.

Signal three: amniotic fluid broken

The children in the belly live in the uterus surrounded by amniotic fluid. If the amniotic fluid is broken, it means that pregnant women are about to produce.

Amniotic fluid is generally transparent, or a bit pale yellow.Some pregnant women may not realize that they are amniotic fluid when they are broken, so pregnant women need to be cautious in all aspects, and they are worthy of attention.

Moms and mothers are also the first time they have greeted their new life. They are the first time they have become parents. It is inevitable that even if there is a mistake, novice parents need to carefully understand the various precautions during pregnancy.

In order to welcome the arrival of new life, prospective parents are bound to make some material preparations.Therefore, it is important to list a list.So what do you need to be born?

Newborn bag: The baby will not be able to adapt to the temperature of the outside when it is born. In addition, its own immune and body temperature regulation function has not yet developed, so it is necessary to prepare for them.

Because children cannot come into contact with stimulating things, when adults choose the bag, not only must choose the fabric, but also pay attention to their breathability.Thin.

Suitable clothes: When the child was born, they were very fragile. After the nurse was briefly treated, if the temperature was low, it was necessary to put on socks and so on.This also requires adults to prepare in advance to prepare clothes for the baby.

In terms of clothing selection, try to choose a convenient monk suit for easy to wear and take off. The material is mainly cotton soft fabric, so as to give the baby a more comfortable dressing experience.

Feeding products: Generally speaking, many families choose breastfeeding, but there are also special circumstances to choose milk powder.In order to avoid special circumstances, prospective parents also need to prepare milk powder and suitable pacifiers in advance, other feed supplies.

At the beginning, you can buy small canned milk powder. If you have breast milk, you don’t need to drink milk powder for your baby, so it will not be wasted.

Pregnancy is a happy thing for a family, so prospective parents should try their best to prepare to welcome new life.

Of course, the most important thing is to obey the advice and arrangements of the doctor. After all, they are the person who knows the physical condition of pregnant women best.

Similarly, after knowing the due date, prospective parents should prepare the items required for postpartum as soon as possible to avoid having trouble at that time and errors.

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