How to buy insurance when you are pregnant?Share some small common sense

A friend came to ask me how to buy insurance for pregnant women.To this day, I have to pay homework.Although Xiaobian has never given birth to a baby, I think: Shengwa is a top priority.A woman who is willing to have a baby and dare to go to the ghost door is too great.In August this year, I heard a very unfortunate news.The younger sister of the neighbor’s house was four years younger than me, and died unfortunately when it was produced.It is said that it is because of major bleeding, but the specific details are unclear. After all, sprinkle salt on other people’s wounds is not human.

At that time, I knew this news was really startled and insomnia all night.I kept thinking about the little sister about this little sister, and I remembered the similar scene that I saw when I was watching the movie "Alive" before, and my heart was mixed.Today I will share with you. I want to tell everyone that even if I do n’t go to the online reports about the embolism on the amniotic fluid on the Internet, pregnant and having a baby are also a very sinful thing, so girls must love themselves.Boys, remember her who cares about you.Well, so much gossip, the following is the topic, specifically talk about the pregnant crowd and how to buy insurance if you are pregnant.It is recommended to do regular configuration before pregnancy to buy critical illness, medical care, accident, and life insurance.Buy after pregnancy, either refuse to protect or have the exemption clause, which has a limited effect on the guarantee of pregnancy and childbirth.At present, insurance companies generally only accept insurance applications under 28 weeks of pregnancy.If you are pregnant, you usually have to wait until two months pregnant.

In terms of critical illness insurance, in health notifications, women generally ask women if women are high -risk pregnancy/abnormal pregnancy/pregnancy weekly weeks for more than 28 weeks/whether they are pregnant and whether they have complications during production.Those who have normal pregnancy can be used for underwriting or postponing standards under 28 weeks of pregnancy or after 3 months.For example, Doraemon Bao, if there is no abnormal pregnancy or a pregnancy disease within 28 weeks, it can be insured normally, as well as Ruetari.Specific everyone can try intelligent underwriting.Like the previously evaluated Xinmei Sanya, it has been relaxed to 8 months during pregnancy. As long as there is no pregnancy complications and other health abnormalities within 8 months of pregnancy, it can be successfully insured.If the pregnancy complications cannot be insured, such as the reasons such as hypertension diabetes during pregnancy, the body indicators need to be returned to normal after childbirth.

Although you can buy critical illness insurance as long as you meet certain conditions, critical illness insurance generally has a wait period of 90-180 days, and there is no guarantee during the waiting period.

Everyone should pay attention to this.Medical insurance generally refuses to protect pregnant women.However, there are intelligent underwriting products, and some can be insured.For example, Ping An E is insurance, as long as within 18-40 years old, within 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is not a high-risk pregnancy, and the doctor is not recommended to be hospitalized to be successfully insured.

But like Xinxin Pills, as long as they are currently in pregnancy, they cannot be insured.Although Ping An E’s Birth Insurance can be insured in accordance with the conditions, it does not matter Article 7 of the exemption clause regardless of the cost of pregnancy and childbirth.

Therefore, critical illness medicine is best to buy before pregnancy.If you are pregnant, you can also try configuration first, otherwise what complications will affect health during pregnancy, and it will be difficult to insure in the later period.Although accident insurance generally does not notify health, we must pay attention to the terms of the free liability. For Anyi Insurance, the damage caused by pregnancy, abortion, and delivery is not guaranteed.It depends on the terms.

Life insurance liability is relatively simple. No accident. The deaths caused by childbirth are paid.However, some life insurance refuses to protect as long as it is pregnant, such as Ruetarui and Ai Ai.The Golden Bell Cover is as long as it is within 28 weeks of pregnancy, not high -risk pregnancy, no pregnancy abnormalities, and insured within February of non -giving birth.Alright, just talk about the conventional configuration, or that sentence, insurance must be bought in advance.

If you are already pregnant, what guarantees can be?

1. Maternity insurance in social security.

Maternity insurance is different in various places.For Beijing, there are several parts of maternity insurance reimbursement: outpatient production costs, inpatient fertility, maternity allowances, and late childbirth allowances.

The specific reimbursement process can be paid attention to.If both husband and wife have maternity insurance, they can only apply for one party.In short, social security is important. This national benefits must be a person. I have emphasized many times.

2. High -end pregnancy production insurance

This type of insurance is mainly for high -income people, with high insurance amount, wide protection scope, and particularly expensive premiums.Basically cover the cost of pregnancy, such as smooth delivery, planing palace, conventional outpatient clinics, infant health examination, and so on.However, it needs to be insured for at least two years, which means that the waiting period is up to one year, and the next year can be enjoyed.The premium starts at least 10,000, and the pure consumption type is drifting without the premium.Friends who are interested and tyrant can understand them by themselves.

3. Maternal and baby insurance

This kind of insurance can protect the adults and the children.Unexpected risks, pregnancy diseases, accidents during production, and death of fetus or neonatal, congenital diseases of the fetus, and neonatal diseases can be guaranteed.For example, Fosun’s combined Xingbu comprehensive disease insurance can maintain 7 pregnancy diseases and severe congenital diseases of 13 children. These are high incidence.Relatively speaking, this guarantee is relatively comprehensive.

However, everyone should pay attention that this kind of insurance usually has the restrictions on insurance 28 weeks before pregnancy. If you are pregnant for more than 28 weeks, you cannot insure.And some pregnancy for more than 28 weeks will be more expensive.In short, when you are insured, you must truthfully inform and carefully look at the insured notes, exemption clauses and security responsibilities.

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