How to choose people and drug flow?

Small advertisements everywhere on billboards and electric poles- "easy 3 minutes, accidental pregnancy without trace", "3 minutes, solving unexpected troubles", some institutions are even in order to meet market development needs and take the "painless flow of people.The flag of the student’s half price "stretched out the" magic palm "to the students …

The overwhelming advertising promotion has led to in the family planning department, and students who can often see schoolbags can often be seen. They told the doctor that "do personal flow, there is a class for a while", as if the real statue advertisement saidThat way, lying on the bed for 3 minutes to go down to the ground …

Is the flow of people so simple?

The flow of people’s artificial intervention to terminate pregnancy.That is to say through surgery to terminate the plan (accidental pregnancy) or pathological pregnancy, there are two types of negative pressure attraction and tie scraping. It is often said that painless abortion is a way of abortion in surgery during surgery.EssenceThe former is to reach into the uterine cavity through a straw and suck out the embryo tissue in the uterus through a strong adsorption;Take out the uterus after crushing.

Of course, the method of abortion is not only the choice of surgery, but also the same purpose can be achieved.The drug flow is a method to terminate pregnancy by taking the condition of the mother’s condition after the color ultrasound inspection, and the maternal condition is appropriate.

Let’s talk about the flow of drugs first.Drug flow is suitable for pregnancy days with less number of days and less embryo development.That is, the pregnancy of less than 7 weeks from the first day of the last month.At this time, the success rate of the drug flow was about 94%. The mechanism of action was to promote embryonic discharge by obstruction of progesterone receptor or uterine contraction.

If the embryo is more than 7 weeks (less than 10 weeks), the embryo can be sucked out by negative pressure. If the embryo exceeds 10 weeks (less than 14 weeks), it must be scraped by induction or pliers.

The advantage of drug flow is that there are few complications, but it is easy to bleed for a long time, causing infection.And there is a certain chance of failure. If the gestational sac is not discharged or abortion is not exactly, you still need to go to the hospital for clearing the palace.

The advantages of the flow of people are convenient and fast. One step is in place, avoiding blind cashiers and less damage to the endometrium.The disadvantage is that the operation is complicated, and the technical and proficiency of the physician are high, otherwise it will easily cause complications such as infection, uterine adhesion, and perforation.

However, whether it is abortion or medicine, it cannot deny that it will cause harm to the physical and mental body of the mother.Each little life.After all, each child is an angel with wings, and he also hopes that every little angel will come to this world with his parents’ expectations.

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